Let’s Get to Work, Wilmington!

The way Wilmingtonians are working looks completely different now! Everything from our commute to where you are working from has caused us all to pivot! If you haven’t already, check out our video with Sr. Director of Human Resource Operations of Chemours, Shannon Kauffman’s commute to work and our recent tour of the new CSC Station!

A New Way to Work


Kauffman takes her scooter to work when she isn’t working remotely.

Sr. Director of HR Operations for Chemours, Shannon Kauffman, sat down recently to share how work looks different for her. “Before COVID, I was pretty rigid about getting up, being to work early, staying all day, and never generally took a break in my day. I will say that quarantine has broken me of that, because there’s only so long you can sit in the exact same spot… so now if there’s a break in my calendar I’ll make myself go for a walk, go to BrewHaHa and get a drink, go to the art museum and sit for a bit…that’s something I would’ve never done before quarantine. I know I will be mentally healthier when we are all connecting (in person), but this experience has been positive and loosened me up a bit.”

The same sentiment has been shared by Scott Malfitano, VP of CSC and overseer of the new co-working space, CSC Station. The new style of working remotely, or in coworking spaces is an idea that CSC wants to build upon for the city, “This building can be used as a coworking space so a business can run an office here, or individuals can get a desk/office, or if you want to get a day pass and work. As an innovation space we want to try to attract a different group that may be looking at creative, unique ideas with really focusing on a tech savvy group to move into the Wilmington area.”

CSC is currently dedicating the 6th floor as study lounges and working spaces for Delaware’s college students. “Right now these young kids are trapped and need different bandwidth and a quiet space they can use free of charge.”

Wanna Get Out of Your House? 

Want to change up your workflow, but don’t want the normal, standard “chain” coffeehouse (*cue YAWN*)? Check out these awesome places to (safely) work remotely:

1. CSC Station– CSC Station was birthed as an idea for CSC to re-invest in Wilmington. The co-working space offers spaces for small businesses to “rent out” as headquarters for their operations, OR you can buy a day pass individually just to get out and work on the Riverfront. VP Scott Malfitano commented, “We asked ourselves, ‘is there a way we can use our business services and attract some talent to Delaware?’ So we looked at this building and said, ‘let’s create an innovation and co-working space so that people can utilize the train or get off the highway very quickly!’”


Milk + Honey Cafe & Gallery is a great spot to meet up!

2. Milk & Honey Coffeehouse (West Side and LOMA locations)- These coffee houses are just begging to be used as your meet up spot to collaborate with your team, or work remotely (all with safety in mind!) We loved the aesthetic and that it was lively with people. Did I mention it also contains an ART GALLERY? There are also “conference rooms” available at the West Side location that you can request.

3. The Mill- Another co-working space in downtown’s Nemours Building, The Mill has community, single desks, and private offices available. With a complimentary tea/coffee/beer bar (helllooooooooo happy hour!), event spaces, and conference rooms, this makes working remotely far from boring!

4. Juice Joint- We love Lanice and Renee at Juice Joint! Down on the Riverfront, this cozy, chic smoothie place is great to get your creative juices flowing. Sit in one of the hanging chairs, throw your headphones on, and get to it (and if you need a brain break, the Riverwalk is right there to stretch your legs!)


Tenant Experience Coordinator Sian Carter of CSC Station

5. DE.CO– We covered DE.CO at the beginning of our campaign (see the video here!) but this food hall in downtown Wilmington is ideal for meeting up to talk shop and get a quick bite. With 8 restaurant “stalls”, contactless ordering, cafeteria style seating, and a bar that opens at 4pm, get your deal done and reward yourself with a cocktail before heading home.

Don’t Forget to Take a Break!

Shannon shared the importance of a good brain break, and we have you covered! Check out our blogs below for more ideas on how to maintain that work/life balance:

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How does your commute/work life look different? What are some different ways you break up your work day? Comment below and as always follow my journey through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube! We will see you at the next location!

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