CSC Station in Wilmington, DE is YOUR new workspace!

CSC Station is the NEWEST co-working space on the Riverfront in Wilmington, Delaware! We attended the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony last week and toured the new space which includes workspace solutions for small teams, startups, and the individual entrepreneur!

One of the famous Wilmington “W’s” has found its new home in the lobby of CSC Station

We love the options of different workspaces to individuals and teams like the ability to work in the open spaces with a coffee shop, library-type nooks, options for a set “reserved desk” or reserved office space. Want to buy a day pass just to get out of your house every once in a while? CSC Station does that. Need a conference room to seal a big deal? CSC Station has that. Want a headquarters for your startup team of 3 with the ability to grow in the same building? CSC Station does that, too.  Want a place to meet and network with like minded, innovative, and supportive individuals? CSC has you covered. It’s definitely come a long way since our first tour with them back in the fall (view that video by clicking here!)

We chatted with CSC‘s President Rod Ward and Vice President Scott Malfitano about what the opening of this space means for our city.

Q: Why was the Riverfront chosen as the location for CSC Station?

Rod: “We wanted to invest in the growth of the City of Wilmington, and what better location then next door to the Joseph R. Biden Jr. Railroad Station? It’s the gateway into Wilmington from Philadelphia, DC, and beyond. We’re excited to have CSC in the heart of the city, as well as provide a home for new and small businesses in the area.”

Scott: “We asked ourselves, is there a way we can use our business services and attract some talent to Delaware? So we looked at this building and said, let’s create an innovation and coworking space so that people can utilize the train or get off the highway very quickly!”

Q: What does this grand opening mean for the City of Wilmington? For CSC?

Rod: “We have made an investment in the city to demonstrate our support for Wilmington’s redevelopment efforts. CSC Station is one way to show our commitment. We are energized by the continued development and growth of this area. CSC has been headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware for more than 120 years and we are privileged to be part of the City of Wilmington’s dynamic future.”

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony ushering in the opening of CSC Station!

Scott: “This building can be used as a coworking space so a business can run an office here, or individuals can get a desk/office, or if you want to get a day pass and work. As an innovation space we want to try to attract a different group that may be looking at creative, unique ideas with really focusing on a tech savvy group to move into the Wilmington area.”

Q: What types of businesses do you house at CSC Station?

Rod: “Our resident companies range from data analyzers like CompassRed and Delaware Data Innovation Lab, to entrepreneurs like The Athlete Book and Darrell Andrews Enterprises. We are thrilled to provide space for organizations that are contributing to bettering Wilmington through diversity, social change, and developing future leaders, including Code Differently, Social Contract, and Leadership Delaware. Our doors are open to startups and those building their company.” 

Q: What is the ultimate goal and objective of CSC Station?

Rod: “CSC Station adds another destination for a new generation of innovative entrepreneurs and business startups—some of whom are already enjoying the space. It’s our goal to attract some of our customers from New York, Philadelphia, and Washington and show a new group of people what our city has to offer—from the beautiful riverfront, to the city’s art scene, to the revival of Market Street, including some amazing restaurants, and countless Wilmington attractions.”

Scott: “We have a large customer base and they’re in major cities on the east coast: Boston, Philadelphia, New York, and D.C can we attract them here as well? Can they come here and do work out of this building, do some of their deals and then get back on the train and go home for the evening (like Joe Biden did in Washington)”

These are a few of our favorite things…

A few things we LOVE about this space include:

The new co-working space is available for day passes and monthly memberships for individuals, start-ups, conferences, and teams
  • The commute: Right on the Riverfront, the 5 story building sits immediately adjacent to the Wilmington Train Station (you know, the one now President JOE BIDEN used to take into Washington every day?!) It makes your commute easy.
  • The location: Choose from attractions and restaurants on Wilmington’s Riverfront or Market Street. Take a break and stretch your legs by heading out to the Riverwalk or head up Market for Happy Hour.
  • The amenities: Where do we begin? Just read this list of what CSC Station offers:
    • Sound canceling Phone Booths to take that private call or meeting
    • Complimentary water and coffee with communal cafe area
    • Parking
    • Outside seating
    • Quiet rooms for you to relax with no technology
    • Security surveillance
    • Networking and “meet up” events
  • The people: After being remote for the past 15 months, we are excited to get to know other Wilmingtonians! CSC Station houses a number of powerhouse startups and companies like CompassRed, Social Contract, Code Differently, Leadership Delaware, and The Athlete Book. 

To get more information about visiting CSC Station and setting up your office, check out CSC Station’s website, and  Instagram, Make sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok for more content. Click here to see our other blogs!

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