Wilmington University Tech Competition

Expanded East Coast Reboot could draw thousands, designate Wilmington as a tech hub.

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Entertainment Company Dub3 is partnering with WilmU to create a larger event and attract a broader audience for the East Coast East Coast Reboot (ECRB) consists of several judged competitions as well as a chance to network with expert technology professionals.

Dub3 is known for Indy PopCon. Indy PopCon’s first year had 9,000 attendees. Last year, more than 30,000 people attended. PopCon was founded to celebrate all aspects of pop culture, rather than just hyper focusing on a specific genre.

“That kind of the meshing of those two, kind of pop culture conference and a technology competition conference, is something that’s really not been done before. So I’m very excited for the opportunities that are coming out of this partnership,” said Chair of the Game Design and Development Program and Video Motions Graphic Program at WilmU Scott Shaw.

The university expects up to 30,000 people to attend the event with Dub3 in the spring. Dub3 estimates a $6 million economic impact on Wilmington.

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