Wilmington: The East Coast Silicon Valley

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OpenBracket Delaware Coding Competition

OpenBracket will begin on Oct. 15 with a round of online trials devised by HackerRank, a Palo Alto California-based startup that organizes coding contests and challenges designed to help employers find talent.

The winner of that round will receive a $10,000 prize, while the top finalists will be eligible for travel stipends of $200 to $500 to attend the OpenBracket finals in Wilmington.

The live event is expected to attract more than 100 coders to the Grand on Nov. 5 when a $15,000 grand prize will be awarded, along with smaller awards for second and third place.

Many local employers looking to hire talented coders also are sponsoring OpenBracket Delaware, including Chatham FinancialJPMorgan ChaseCapital OneWSFSM&T Bank and Christiana Care.

Coding competitions, tech training programs like IT Works, sponsored by Tech Impact, and the coding bootcamp, ZipCode Wilmington, sponsored by local venture capitalist Ben duPont & the Longwood Foundation. Are concerted efforts to attract and retain tech savvy, Millennials to Wilmington. With our business friendly tax laws, low cost of living, and central location. Along with the current title of being the corporate banking capital, Wilmington is working to position itself as the Financial Tech capital.

On a daily basis you here of new economic development and projects:

The future is bright in Wilmington. 

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