Why YOU love the Riverfront for Family Fun and Date Night!

Recently, we launched a contest to ask YOU why you love the Wilmington Riverfront, and you certainly delivered! One lucky winner received the “Family Fun Package” of 4 Tickets to Riverwalk Mini Golf, 4 Tickets to the Delaware Children’s Museum, and 4 tickets to the Wilmington Blue Rocks. Another winner received the “Date Night Package” of 2 Tickets to Paradise Tiki Tours, and 2 Tickets to Penn Cinema Riverfront. Here are some of our favorite responses.

What is your favorite Riverfront Memory?


My favorite day was trying to see how many Riverfront attractions I could hit in one day with my out-of-town friends! Started the day with brunch at Iron Hill rooftop brunch, walked along the riverwalk path to the Conservatorium, hung out at Constitution Yards for some cold drinks, caught a game cheering on the Blue Rocks, and then finished off the night at Docklands! One of the friends now lives in Wilm (one day they’ll admit it was because of my 1-day tour!)


My favorite Riverfront memory is from earlier this year when my family of four took a nice stroll along the water while waiting for our table at Iron Hill Brewery! Seeing people enjoying the Riverfront again and seeing the new businesses that have been established since COVID hit was so refreshing. It’s hard to please 8 and 11 year old boys without electronics, but that night we enjoyed quality family time just taking in the scenery!

Madi Bolander:

I play kickball at Constitution Yards every week, and at our first game, my family from out of town and my boyfriend from Texas were all visiting at the same time. We spent the night drinking beer, laughing way too hard the entire game, and making up for lost time. The Riverfront was the best backdrop for my favorite night this summer.

Casey Rodriguez:

Ice skating was the second date with my now almost 3-year girlfriend. The lights were beautiful, the energy was picturesque Winter Wonderland, and the music was wholesome. We ended the night with some cozy drinks at Del Pez. A magical night we often reminisce in.

Drop Squad Kitchen

Lindsay Katz:

My favorite Riverfront memory is when my now husband proposed to me on the Senator Margaret Rose Henry Bridge the day before it opened to the public. We live on the east side of the river so that bridge catalyzed the expansion to our side of the river. We walked to the nature reserve and got ice cream at Drop Squad Kitchen after =).

Stacia Murray:

Discovering the Riverfront Market with all that it offers to grab a light lunch, and taking a long walk along the boardwalk. In the evening, visiting Constitution Yards with our friends, playing Jenga in the large container rooms, enjoying a beer, and then lounging in the chairs with our feet/toes in the sand. Good energy, good crowd and it was extra special to catch a glimpse of the fireworks from the Blue Rocks Game as we were leaving, walking the boardwalk back to our car!

Salima Watson:

My favorite memory has to be taking a river tour with my roommate. I enjoyed it so much because it was an experience that hit a lot of my favorite things. I was able to watch the sunset over the river, spend time with a quality person, take in the beauty of Wilmington, and relax. It was a great experience.

Shyrea Roundtree:

My favorite Riverfront Memories are getting ice cream with my dad at the old Molly’s. We would go down on Saturdays after dinner. We loved the old 50’s inspired look and music. The line used to be out the door.

Why does your family love the Riverfront?

Alyssa Treiber:

I live on the Riverfront and love taking and walking on the Riverfront. I love heading to constitution yards for drinks and docklands for live outdoor music. The restaurants are all delicious, and my boyfriend and I actually met at Del Pez almost three years ago.

Matthew Petfield:

It was exciting to see more businesses attracted to the Riverfront during my time working there. My family made it a tradition to come to visit me during the Thanksgiving and Easter buffets each year so they could still spend time with me during the holidays. Although I think it was more of an excuse for them to enjoy the buffets!

BJ Sturdivant:

We love how much there is to do there! We love to ride bikes on the JAM and they hit a local spot for snacks or a meal. We love going to Constitution yards so my wife and I can grab a beer while the boys dig in the sand! We also love going to either BFG or Taco Grande and dining outside!

America Martinez:

It’s open air! Lots to do! We are Mexican and we love the restaurant diversity. The tacos at del pez are amazing- my kids love them- also it’s not expensive at all so we appreciate the family-friendly cost. I have 3 kids and things get expensive so sometimes walking around and making memories like that is what we do.

Megan Kelly:

The Riverfront really is the perfect combination of everything great about the city. Scenic views great for a walk, many different dining options, and a bunch of unexpected activities thrown in. The nature center is a short walk away providing the best views of the city while making you forget you’re still in it. We also love to see all the small businesses popping up and always love going in to support them.

Jessi Eizember:

Delaware Children’s Museum

There is such a great variety! You can treat your dog at Riverfront pets, your child at Delaware children’s museum, and yourself at constitution yards, all in the same walkable area. The Riverfront raises Wilmington to a new level. It’s lovely to see such a bright and happy place become part of Wilmington

Megan Bradley:

We love grabbing a coffee and pastry at the Riverfront bakery and then walking the Riverfront in the AM. In the evenings, we enjoy constitution yards for a drink and music and iron hill for dinner. The children’s museum is a fav for our 2-year-old in the cold winter months. We love the Riverfront.

Becky Guschl:

We love that it’s a place that grows with us … as singles and newlyweds, we loved iron hill for the happy hours and fantastic fare (still do). As parents with a toddler, we considered the Delaware Children’s museum our second home and the boardwalk a fantastic place to burn energy. Now we have a tween on our hands who loves going to movies and is getting really competitive with her mini golf game. And someday soon we hope to make the full trip along the Jack A. Markell Trail (without leaving anyone behind)

Why is the Riverfront the best spot for date night?

Eloise Kroon:

It’s the best spot for date night because it’s never too crowded. They have many options depending on what kind of setting you want. The constitution yards is an amazing casual date atmosphere. While del pez and the Big Fish Grill add a little sophistication to it. You can catch a quick movie at the movie theater as well. I love it.

Nadia Gross:

The VIBES!!!! There may be family-friendly areas but for the most part, I definitely feel like it’s for the grown-ups, especially at night. The lights, the restaurants, and more give the sexy city vibe.

Starr Wilson:

Timothy’s Riverfront Grille

Over the past few years, the Riverfront has been where you can park your car and spend the entire day. From working in the area to grabbing lunch with co-workers and spending the night with your love, the Riverfront has a calling for fun. Spend the night walking the trail to catch the newest movie and end your night at Timothy’s. I’ll take that any day.

Amanda Ewasko:

I have recently loved introducing my new boyfriend to the Riverfront, who is from Lewes, DE. We enjoy walking along the Riverfront and visiting the great outdoor spaces. We start at Timothy’s for our first drinks. After, we stop at Iron Hill Brewery for cheesesteak egg rolls. From there we play Jenga at Constitution Yards before ending the night with dancing to the live music at Docklands.

Emily K:

The Riverfront is the best central New Castle County spot for a date. My partner lives in Newark, and I’m in North Wilmington, so the Riverfront is a perfect middle spot to meet up. We also love getting to see all types of people out and about at the different restaurants, gyms, etc. Our favorite activity is checking out Riverfront Pets for extra treats for my rescue pup! Overall, the Riverfront is a spot that truly celebrates diversity and allows anyone – all races, religions, families, etc. Come as you are!

Alexa Vettori:

The Riverfront has so much to offer! With all the restaurants located so close to one another, there are plenty of options. Then after eating, you and your honey can take a stroll along the water. It creates a romantic atmosphere with the lit-up city skyline at night. Safety and accessibility are another great part, there is plenty of police presence and ample parking.

Kate Gantner:

It’s the perfect spot for date night because of the variety of things to do. Forget to make a dinner reservation at Del Pez? No problem, have a beer and a round of corn hole at Constitution Yards while you wait. Magic!

Elissa Respes:

The Riverfront is the best spot for date night simply because you have options. I like the scenery and the ambiance it gives off. It all depends on what you’re going for as it offers many different things. You can enjoy a fun, romantic, cheap, etc kind of date at the Riverfront.

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