UDairy Now Serving Ice Cream and Dreams!

Summarized from the full original article on Tehnical.ly DE. Image courtesy of Evan Krape.

The University of Delaware brought its student-run UDairy Creamery to Market Street in Wilmington with a goal to not only introduce its (incredibly good) ice cream downtown but to actively engage with the off-campus community.

UD sophomore and UDairy Wilmington employee Christian Wills is making that happen with his monthly Poetry Slam and Open Mic Night.

It’s no accident that Christian Wills, a student at UD thought up this awesome idea. As a naturally talented poet and songwriter, he was eager to secure a place for himself and other’s voices to be heard. With so many different ideas and innovations in Wilmington, the creamery, on Market Street, in the heart of Downtown Wilmington is a pretty good fit. Now, once a month, adults, children, and patrons of the creamery alike can listen and contribute on the mic.

About Christian Wills

Summarized from full article on udel.edu.

Wills’ goal is to create an atmosphere where people can get anything off their chest — the same opportunity poetry and rap provided him.

“It was my one way of communicating with people and just showing that I have a voice and I have something to say,” said Wills. “I believe everyone should have a chance to hear it and open mic is a perfect way of relaying what you have stuck in your heart that you just want to get to the world.”

An undeclared UD sophomore, Wills is part of the Associate in Arts program. He’s considering majors in English or visual communications and has yet to settle on a career path. In addition to songwriter and lyricist, Wills said he might follow in his parents’ footsteps and become a teacher.

All are welcome, and any talent is highly supported. There have been poets, singers, rappers, etc who have all shared their talents at the shop. So, don’t be shy, Stop on by and show Wilm how you drop the mic!

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