The Best Super Bowl Parties in Wilmington

If you’re an Eagles fan, you know this Super Bowl (LII) is about as serious as it gets.  In 2004, the Eagles were defeated by the same team in this same game… This year WE’RE BACK BABY! We might be the “underdogs” but we’re ready for a rematch against Tom Brady and his Patriots, to claim our victory from 14 years ago. Now the important questions… Where are you going to watch this historic game? Location is key to having the best experience possible and regardless of the outcome, it will shape your memories of this event for years to come.

For some people, the bars in town are the place to be and by most people’s predictions, they will be serving up a very lively and crowded environment. If you’re more of a laid back person that might not be the best option for you. For those who are more relaxed or perhaps want to attend an event that might be a bit safer (and has food that you won’t have to wait too long for), Theatre N in the Nemours building will be hosting a viewing party. For only $15 the party will be complete with Fat Ricks’ BBQ (best in Delaware), adult beverages, and the most important piece, the game! This would definitely be a perfect event to bring the whole family to.

Another popular and larger alternative is the Queen, which will also be hosting a Super Bowl LII watch party. If you’re going for the food and you enjoy having optimum options at the expense of an extra $15, this may be the right choice for you. For a $30 total buffet fee, the buffet will include: “Cheesesteak eggrolls, Pretzels, Chicken Wings, Nacho Bar, Tater Tot Nachos Bar, Hot Dogs, Dips & Salads, and more! Drink Specials, cash bar & a la carte food will be available as well.” The Queen, being a naturally larger venue, might also give off that crowded feel, although, it is an all-ages event so it won’t get too rowdy, it is something to consider when choosing the right venue.

Regardless of where you decide to watch the game, it is guaranteed to be quite the experience. Whether you’re rooting for the Patriots or the Eagles, you won’t want to miss out. Make sure to stay safe and warm, hydrate, and enjoy the day!



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