WilmINKton: Best Tattoo Shops in Wilmington, DE

There’s never a bad time to get tatted up, and Wilmington, DE is home to a slew of world-class tattoo parlors. We’ve rounded up a list of the best tattoo parlors in Wilmington!

Make sure to check out their linked social accounts, as well as the Artist Features at the end:

1. Poppycock – A multi-award winning shop located downtown, nobody seems to do it like Poppycock. They’re women-owned and known for sponsoring and hosting many of the City’s art and tattoo events, plus the famous Wilmo a Go-Go Car Show every May. See their work here.

2. PUSH Tattoo – PUSH is unabashedly artsy and relentlessly original. Each of their talented artists has a distinct style, and it shows in their beautiful work. Go take a look!

3. Agaru – Agaru has two locations in Trolley Square and on Maryland Ave, and prides themselves on, “Rising above expectations, transcend our mediums and transform you into a stronger, more beautiful version of yourself.” See their work here.

4. Trademark Tattoo – A combined 60+ years of tattoo artistry experience makes Trademark a reliable classic in Wilmo. We highly recommend this cool spot for inking and piercings. See their work here.

5. All Inked Up – All Inked Up’s is full of simple, beautiful designs done by friendly and professional staff. Their customers become family, and are always treated as such. Go check them out!

6. Northside Tattoos – Owner Matt Stankis has run Northside since opening in 2004, and has built up a reputation that has earned him long-distance regular customers and national recognition. Look at their page for some quirky and characterful inspiration!

7. La Rue Tattoo – LaRue’s artists have traveled the country to develop their unique style. They range from American Traditional and Polynesian to an original look called Neon Traditional. Check them out here.

8. Wildcard Studios Tattoos – Wildcard lives up to its name in its wide range of beautifully-detailed tattoo art. Their huge gallery showcases an awesome variety of stylistic expertises, as well as a clear creative eye for piercings. Go see it here!

9. Hereditary Tattoo – Put simply, Hereditary’s art is just really, really cool. They offer unique, contemporary designs from each of their four artists, as well as some sick merch. Go catch a glimpse of their work on Insta!

10. Legacy Tattoo – If your dream tattoo involves color and high attention to detail, Legacy might be the perfect place to get it done; both their black-and-white and color designs are super impressive and fun to look through.

11. The G Spot Tattoo – King G’s shop on Newport Pike has earned him notoriety within Wilmington and amongst his over 6,000 Instagram followers. He and his artists prioritize treating their customers like family while maintaining a healthy, clean and creative space; check them out here.

12. The Lab Tattoo – Last (but certainly not least), the Lab is a collective of artists from in and around Wilmington who come together to create some truly awe inspiring designs. We couldn’t more highly recommend checking out their social pages for inspiration.

Tattoo Artist Features

Poppycock Tattoo
@GuaranteedFreshEveryTime at Poppycock Tattoo
PUSH Tattoo
@Omoori at PUSH Tattoo
Agaru Tattoo
@TJDelanyTattoo at Agaru Tattoo
Trademark Tattoo
@AntonioAtTrademark at Trademark Tattoo
All Inked Up Tattoo
Artist Shane at All Inked Up Tattoo
Northside Tattoo
@MattFink73 at Northside Tattoo
La Rue Tattoo
La Rue Tattoo in Wilmington, DE
Wildcard Tattoo
Artist Terry Manning at Wildcard Tattoo
Hereditary Tattoos
@RachelTruskoTattoos at Hereditary Tattoos
Legacy Tattoo
@_gweet_ at Legacy Tattoo
The G Spot Tattoo
@KingG7100 at the G Spot Tattoo
The Lab Tattoo
@DanPriceTattoo at the Lab Tattoo


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