New Restaurant Coming To Hotel Du Pont’s Green Room

We’ve known for a while now that a new restaurant is coming to the Hotel Du Pont this spring but didn’t know any specifics, until now. Chef-Partner Tyler Akin and The Buccini/Pollin Group have announced we will be getting a French brasserie named “Le Cavalier” coming to the Green Room.

Pronounced “luh-KAH-vuhl-YAY”, the restaurant is inspired by Caesar Rodney, President of Delaware during the Civil War, and plans to honor the deep equestrian tradition in the Brandywine River Valley.

“Naming this restaurant was an incredibly difficult yet rewarding part of the process. With Le Cavalier at the Green Room, we honor what came before us while looking ahead to how we can bring Wilmington a restaurant that is both convivial and approachable,” said Chef-Partner Tyler Akin.

Being built in the Green Room, the restaurant must do justice to the historical significance of the location. 

“It is important to us to honor the Green Room’s unparalleled legacy,” said Dave Pollin, co-founder and president of The Buccini/Pollin Group and chairman of PM Hotel Group. “That said, we are actively talking to the community and are thrilled to deliver on meeting the demand for a more casual, chef-driven restaurant. We believe Le Cavalier at the Green Room will marry reverence and progress and hit those notes for our guests.” 

Le Cavalier will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The restaurant will have a contemporary atmosphere and cuisine pulled from Provençe and North Africa influences. It will boast 125 seats as well as a 14 seat bar and a seasonal outdoor patio section.

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