Listen Up!: Live Music in Wilmington, Delaware

As one of the East Coast’s hubs for performing arts culture, it’s no surprise that Wilmington has some top-notch places to catch live music. We’ve made a list of some of our favorite venues to hear live music in Wilmington, Delaware! Read below:

1. The Grand – One of the most famous spots in the city, the Grand Opera House in Copeland Hall (and its other venues, the Baby Grand and the Playhouse) is a non-profit organization that has been at the forefront of Wilmington’s fine performing arts scene for years. They truly have something unforgettable for everyone.

The Queen in Wilmington (image pre-quarantine)

2. The Queen – For those about to rock, there’s nowhere quite like the Queen. As historical as it is a monument to the City’s culture, this downtown venue is synonymous with the live music scene in Wilmington. 

3. Rockford Park – Everyone’s favorite park in Wilmington is also the home to tons of live music performances! With summer quickly approaching, their Summer Concert Series is shaping up to be a lovely time for everyone.

4. Tonic – In the heart of Downtown, across the street from Hotel du Pont, is one of the premier spots for live performance in the City. Tonic, and its new music-oriented venue, Juniper by Tonic, have live acts every Friday and Saturday.

5. Hummingbird to Mars – From the same people that brought you Catherine Rooney’s, this hip speakeasy in Trolley Square is a notorious spot for great music, food, and drinks. They’re always updating their calendar, make sure to check them out!

6. Docklands Riverfront – When warm weather comes to town, there’s few better places to be than Docklands. What’s better than a full calendar of weekend live music to be enjoyed out on the Riverfront along the water?! 

7. Celebrations on Market – On top of being home to some of the best Southern, Creole, and Caribbean cuisine around, Celebrations is filled with the sounds of jazz acts from all around Wilmo all the time. If you haven’t checked this place out yet, you’re in for a treat.

8. Constitution Yards – Throwing axe and showing acts… that’s what CY is all about. Another Riverfront classic, Constitution Yards is always a great time, especially when they bring in live music. 

9. Oddity Bar – It’s in the name: Oddity is all about their uniqueness. A venue unlike anywhere else in the City, they combine a great array of frequent live acts with a massive selection of specialty cocktails, liquors, wines, and beers.

10. The Nomad Bar – Although Nomad is currently closed until restrictions end, we’re deeply excited for the return of this incredibly fun live music venue. They never fail to bring in some of the best acts in the City, and with them a great crowd in a community-like atmosphere.

Limestone BBQ and Bourbon in Wilmington
Limestone BBQ and Bourbon is home to tons of live acts! (Image pre-quarantine)

11. Limestone BBQ and Bourbon – Barbeque, bourbon, and bands. Three beautiful things that come together to form an awesome time. Limestone has a live music calendar full of some of the hottest rock and blues acts in Wilmington right now, complemented by a killer menu. 

12. Bar XIII – Frankly, this place is nuts (in all the best ways!). If you’re looking for live acts on any night of the week, Bar XIII has you covered. This place parties hard, and their live music reflects that.

13. Franks Wine – What, never seen a wine store with live music? Turns out, this family-owned store offers selections of live music that are as good as their wines (which are fantastic). Check them out, because they’re always up to something fun.

14. Torbert Social – Finally, we’ve been waiting patiently for the return of this supremely cool place. Along with being one of the top places in town to get a specialty cocktail from unique brands, Torbert is a frequent home to excellent live music acts from around Wilmo. Can’t wait to see you there!

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