Le Dîner en Blanc is Almost Here!

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One of the more exclusive events of our time is coming to Wilmington, and you might want to know how you can get an invite! The event is Wilmington’s first annual Le Dîner en Blanc. Originating from the Paris, France event first held in 1988, Le Dîner en Blanc has been sweeping the world, and Wilmington is next! Get ready to break out your finely pressed white garments as you prepare for this invite-only event. Attendee’s either have to be invited by the hosts, sponsored, or join a waiting list to attend. It will be held in a secret location that will only be told to those invited the day of the event.

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So how did it come about?

In 1988, a group of friends in Paris, France, held an outdoor dinner party at the Parc de Bagatelle in the Bois de Boulogne, with guests wearing all white so they could identify each other as they arrived. By the 1990s, Le Dîner en Blanc (White Party) had become so popular that organizers had to keep the location a secret until the day of, with guests bringing and setting up folding tables and chairs. The location is always a public space, the use of which is traditionally unauthorized.

Today, there are about 80 Le Dîner en Blanc events worldwide — in places like Singapore, Sydney, Vancouver, Sao Paolo, New York and, now, Wilmington.

How Can I Get an Invite?

Knowing the hosts, Michael and Sherell Flagg, owners of Resh Salon & Spa in New Castle, is one way to score an invite, but it’s not the only way. You can also get sponsored by a guest or sign up for the waiting list online here.

The party is Aug. 17. As with any White Party, there is a strict dress code of elegant, head-to-toe white.

To learn more about Le Dîner en Blanc Wilmington, click here.

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