Join us in “Celebrating Black Excellence”: A Virtual Round Table

Wilmington Delaware Celebrating Black Excellence

In celebration of Black History Month, It’s Time has partnered with REACH Riverside to produce a two-part round table series “Celebrating Black Excellence in Wilmington, Delaware” next Thursday, February 25th at 7pm on Facebook Live and Youtube Live. This month’s installment will include a panel of black men discussing their personal experiences of growing up in Wilmington, Delaware. It will be followed by a virtual panel discussion in March highlighting the female black experience for Women’s History Month.

Learn more about REACH and our upcoming virtual round table below!

Our partner: Reach Riverside and The WRK Group

For this event, we really wanted to partner up with a community organization that is making a huge impact on the city of Wilmington. REACH Riverside is a part of the The WRK Group, a collaborative of 3 community organizations also including The Warehouse and Kingswood Community Center. Individually these 3 initiatives are catalysts for change and are facilitating lasting impressions on Wilmingtonians.

The Warehouse– is located in Northeast Wilmington and is a center “designed for teens by teens”. It focuses on “providing our city’s youth with the tools and opportunities they need to become confident, courageous, and contributing young adults who will make a positive difference in our world.” They offer opportunities in recreation, education, the arts, careers, and health. Visit their Facebook and Instagram.

REACH Riverside– combines three pillars of revitalization that have been statistically shown to have the greatest impact on long term community health and well-being. These include redevelopment, education, and community health all within the historic Riverside community. Visit their Facebook and Instagram.

Kingswood Community Center- has the deepest roots out of all 3 organizations; with its story dating back to 1946 when neighborhood residents asked the Kingswood United Methodist Church to offer after school activities. Their passion for education, community health and wellness, safety, community engagement, and workforce development is funneled into opportunities that bring the community together. Visit their Facebook and Instagram.

The WRK Group unites these separate initiatives to influence a “holistic revitalization” of Northeast Wilmington “by creating pathways out of poverty for the lowest-income residents and building a strong, economically diverse community.” 

About Our Host: Logan Herring

Logan Herring is the CEO of the WRK Group. A Wilmington native, Herring has earned his way to become an important advocate for our city. His experience dates back to working as a camp counselor at the Fraim Boys & Girls Club throughout high school. He went on to graduate from Goucher College in Towson, MD in 2004 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, all still working with inner-city Baltimore youth each summer through academic enrichment camps.

He came back to Wilmington in 2005 to co-found Delaware Elite, a non-profit organization that mentored student athletes while also working for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware as the statewide STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) Program Director.

He currently serves as the CEO of REACH Riverside & Teen Warehouse and Executive Director of Kingswood Community Center.

Meet the Rest of the Panel:

After careful consideration, Logan hand selected four male leaders from different generations with ties to Wilmington to make up the round table panel. These innovators will explore their experiences growing up in the city, along with current and future work to support opportunities for black community members.

  1. Jahmere Hargraves- small business owner, co founder and current vice chair of the Teen Warehouse.
  2. Markevis Gideon- Founder and owner of NERDiT Now & Board of Directors for Teen Warehouse. 
  3. Ray Rhodes- Executive Director of the Christina Cultural Arts Center & Board Chair for Kingswood Community Center.
  4. Aaron Bass- CEO of East Side Charter School.

“What does Black Excellence mean to YOU?”

As a part of this event, It’s Time and REACH Riverside invite YOU to explore the question:  “What does Black Excellence Mean to You?”

Whether it’s artwork, video, spoken word, quotes, photos, or a crazy science experiment we want to hear how YOU see black excellence – the sky’s the limit!

You can send your submissions a few different ways. Tag us @ItsTimeWilmDE on your social media posts or stories, or email us at 

You have until 5pm on Wednesday, February 24th to submit your entry in order to be featured during the virtual event!

Join Us!

Join us via Facebook Live OR Youtube Live on Thursday, February 25th at 7pm and be ready to weigh in through our live chat. 

We hope these candid conversations shed a light on the true experience of black Wilmingtonians and inspire others to see that, together, we can support one another to succeed.

The Panel:

Logan Herring Wilmington Delaware
Markevis Gideon Wilmington Delaware
Jahmere Hargraves Wilmington Delaware
Ray Rhodes Wilmington Delaware
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