Intermission is OVER: Showtime is BACK in Wilmington, DE

The curtain is rising again, and in person performances are in full swing! This is your guide to getting back into the world of concerts, shows and theatre!

1. The Queen – Get ready for a bit more normalcy in your life because The Queen is returning to full capacity ASAP! August 19th will kick off the first main stage concert! Now, The Queen will host large national acts in their Main Hall, nightly programming in Knights Bar and have more intimate events in the Crown Room. You can view all of their upcoming shows and events by clicking here and be sure to check out their Instagram!

Must see shows:  

  • August 19th- Trombone Shorty (get ticket info by clicking here!)
  • September 17th – Cracker: An American rock band
  • September 23rd – The Mountain Goats an American rock band 
  • September 27th – Wild Child – Doors Tribute Band
  • October 3rd – Jake Miller an American singer, songwriter and rapper  

The Grand Photography by: Moonloop Photography LLC

2. The Grand – 450 days since the closure of its door, The Grand Opera House is announcing their indoor shows for the 2021-2022 season! Everyone is welcome back to their three theaters to enjoy what they have been missing throughout the pandemic! Venue presale will begin June 23 through July 5 and allow subscribers, donors, and current audience members to purchase tickets before the general public. Head over to their website to see their full schedule and take a look at their Instagram!

Must see shows:

  • September 26th – Brian Regan
  • October 8th – Theo Von Live
  • October 23rd – Post Modern Jukebox – The Grand Reopening Tour 
  • October 30th – The Temptations

3. Del Shakes Festival – This summer season there are three exciting events at Rockwood Park for the Del Shakes Festival. Come to the park prepared with a picnic to enjoy a wonderful program that allows for social distancing! The performances will be 60-75 minutes long. Check out their website for more information and follow them on Instagram.  

Must see shows:

  • July 17, 17, 18, 24, 25, 31 & August 1st – Midsummer Mixtape
  • July 22 & 29th – Rosalind X3
  • July 23 & 30 – Shakespeare Poetry Slam 

4. Ladybug Festival – You don’t want to miss the Ladybug Festival, the largest celebration of women in music in AMERICA (yeah, you read that right!) The Ladybug Festival is run by women, even the tech and setup crew, and has female performers only! The idea was to offer an alternative to Firefly Festival that focused on independent artists. Click here to see the schedule and check out their Instagram!

Must see shows:

  • July 12th – Hot Breakfast! At Rockford Park
  • July 13th – Tara Hendricks at the Brandywine Village Market 
  • July 14th – Calla Bere & The Attitude at the Sugar Bowl Pavilion 

5. Wilmington Drama League – The Wilmington Drama League is a nonprofit performing arts center focusing on diversity, inclusion and youth arts education! Originating in the 1920s a group of Delawareans met in each other’s homes to read plays, soon sharing their passion with a live audience in a real theater! Check out their 2021-2022 season here and check out their Instagram.

Must see shows:

  • October 22 – 24th – Art of Murder 
  • December 10 – 29th – Elf 
  • January 28 – February 6th – The Color Purple

6. Delaware Children’s Theatre – For over forty years the Delaware Children’s Theatre has been entertaining audiences of all ages! They will reopen their doors soon, so be sure to stay tuned for their reopening announcement and head over to their Instagram

Delaware Theatre Company

7. Delaware Theatre Company – Now announcing their 2020/2021 Season – Take 2, the Delaware Theatre Company is ready to make their comeback to the stage! They have selected a variety of Hollywood, Broadway and regional performers to this season and will continue to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Take a look at their lineup here and take a look at their Instagram!

Must see shows:

  • May 4 – 8th – Rob McClure – Smile 
  • May 11 – 15th Taylor Rodriguez – A Tribute to the King 
  • May 18 – 22nd – Harry Hamlin – Icarus, the Sun and the Limelight 

8. Opera Delaware – The Opera Delaware is having outdoor performances and Pop Up Operas to give you your opera fix! July Al Fresco Arias, their final outdoor concert of the summer, will feature performances by Aundi Marie Moore, Gina Perregrino, John Pickle, Todd Thomas and Aurelien Eulert. For their Pop Up Operas, you provide the outdoor space and they provide the artists! Be sure to head over to their website and Instagram!

Must see shows:

  • July 22 & 23rd – July Al Fresco Arias
  • July 15 & August 12th – Riverfront Summer Concert Series – Pop-Up Opera
  • August 8th – SWIGG

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