How You Can Honor Black History Month in Wilmington, DE

February is Black History Month, where we honor and recognize the important contributions the Black community has made in our city.

Some great ways to honor this month are by supporting local Black-owned businesses, embracing and enjoying culture by learning about noteworthy figures in history, watching films and listening to music created by Black artists, as well as visiting important historical locations around Wilmington. Support can be shown from the comfort of your home by donating to Black organizations and charities online as well.  

Black-owned businesses you can support in Wilmington, DE are:

Green Box Kitchen – Green Box Kitchen is a casual local vegan restaurant located on 400 N Market St, Wilmington, DE. They serve delicious 100% plant-based food and yummy nutritious cold pressed juices! 

Drop Squad Kitchen – Drop Squad Kitchen is a vegan soul food restaurant located on 928 Justison St, Wilmington, DE. All their food is made from plant-based ingredients and each of their recipes reflects a multicultural influence or story. 

Artzscape – Artzscape is an innovative performance and event space for those that prefer a more intimate setting. Artzscape is a place for comedy, theater, art gallery, poetry, and music! They are located on 205 N Market St, Wilmington, DE.

Milk and Honey Coffeehouse & Gallery – Milk and Honey is a coffeehouse, art gallery, and venue space located on 239 N Market Street. They feature many local artists throughout their gallery. 

LaFate Art Gallery – LaFate Art Gallery features work by artist Eunice LaFate. LaFate is an accomplished self taught artist and has been painting for more than 20 years. Her art gallery is located on 227 N Market St, Wilmington, DE.

Morgan’s of Delaware – Morgan’s of Delaware is a women’s boutique located on 222 Delaware Ave Suite 105, Wilmington, DE that was founded by Martha Morgan 43 years ago. Morgan’s of Delaware is known for making their customers feel great and look great!

Owner Ellen Cappard

Sold Firm – The Sold Firm is a contemporary art gallery located on 800 N Tatnall St, Wilmington, DE. They showcase photography, paintings, and sculpture! The Sold Firm hosts other events and special projects to support collaborations. 

Books and Bagels – Books and Bagels is a local neighborhood bookstore located on 1139 W 7th St, Wilmington, DE. The bookstore has a great diverse selection of up-coming authors to choose from. Teas, snacks, and pastries greet you at the door!

Bare Beauty Wax Studio – Bare Beauty Wax Studio is a hair removal service located on 3620 Kirkwood Hwy, Wilmington, DE. They offer face and full body waxing!

J. Stanley Salon – J. Stanley Salon is an ethnic hair salon located on 204 N Union St, Wilmington, DE. They specialize in a wide array of professional hair care services! 

Black artists from Wilmington, DE that you can learn about:

Clifford Brown – Clifford Brown was an American jazz trumpeter and composer born in Wilmington, DE. Every year the Clifford Brown Jazz Festival is thrown in honor of Clifford and his accomplishments throughout his career as a musician! An influx of artists perform at the festival.

Percy Ricks – Percy Ricks is a creative visual artist who founded Aesthetic Dynamics Inc. Rick’s goal was to emphasize the influence of African American artists in Wilmington. His first major exhibition was of 130 pieces of art from 66 different African American artists. 

7GOD – 7GOD is a visual artist, designer, poet and curator located in Wilmington, DE. In addition to canvas work, he creates work on clothing or other objects! 7GOD creates beautiful work that always comes with a meaningful message. 

Jet Phynx – Jet Phynx is an actor, song writer, film director, and cinematographer in Wilmington, DE. In 2017 he founded Jet Phynx Films and had over 250 projects within his first year. Jet Phynx has worked on projects with consumer good companies, entertainment businesses and much more. 

Support existing nonprofits and organizations that directly benefit Wilmington’s Black communities:

Black Mothers in Power – Black Mothers in Power is an organization that seeks to eradicate racial health disparities for the Black birthing community throughout Delaware. Their goal is to inform about birthing rights and having autonomy over reproductive decisions.

Delaware Black Chamber of Commerce – The Delaware Black Chamber of Commerce is an organization that serves the needs of Black owned businesses as well as the communities they serve. They strive to provide education as well as training that keeps Black business owners in step with the changing economy in Delaware. DEBCC’s purpose is to create new opportunities economically. 

Historical locations you can visit in Wilmington, DE:

Tubman and Garrett Riverfront Park – Memorializes Harriet Tubman, Thomas Garrett, and the surrounding area that played an important role in the liberation of slaves through the Underground Railroad. Located on Rosa Parks Drive Wilmington, DE. 

Mitchell Center for African American Heritage – Offers expansive education on the African American Experience through art, oral history interviews, music and more.  Located in the Delaware History Museum.

It’s important to remember Black History Month is not the only time to learn and celebrate Black culture and the community. Through education, awareness, and activism, we can honor the legacy left by the Black community in our city. There are many ways you can actively show support in Wilmington, DE that will honor the Black community and their important contributions to society.

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