Eclipse Performing Dance Co. Touring Their Show “Controversy” in Wilmington This Weekend

“Controversy” is an Eclipse Performing Dance Company original production that is taking an encore tour through a variety of local venues this year, starting at the Wilmington Drama League this weekend, February 14-16. 

Audiences can expect to go through a powerful and emotional journey as they watch dancers perform to a variety of well-known songs while simultaneously tackling serious topics that show us how strong humans are. 

Much like the show’s name implies, “Controversy” covers a handful of subjects that are often considered taboo, such as addiction, mental/emotional health, feminism, and sexuality. What truly sets “Controversy” apart is the way Director/Choreographer Christi Janney tackles these topics. Each number is split into sections, all covering a different topic, which allows the audience to see a new perspective on subjects that are often too difficult to communicate. “Controversy” takes on these heavy subjects but addresses them in a way that is suitable for all audiences. 

This ground-breaking show ultimately leaves you feeling uplifted, full of hope, and looking at life through the lens of love; it’s not something you want to miss. You can purchase tickets to one of three Wilmington Drama League performances here, and follow Eclipse Performing Dance Company on Facebook here

Photo Credit: Rick Neidig

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