Drop That “Quarantine 15” With These Sweat Worthy Spots In Wilmington, Delaware

I don’t know if you’re like me or not, but laying on my couch for 6 months watching Tiger King and eating snacks hasn’t done my body any good. I’ve been on the lookout for the best ways to drop that “quarantine 15” and have found our city has A LOT to offer, no matter how you like to sweat!

  1. Riv AthleticsWe tried out their “easier” Bootcamp class and got our butts handed to us! Laura and Mike Mood opened this “box” right before COVID, and we were so impressed by the precautions they’ve taken in their 12,000 sq. ft. space! You can also do Crossfit here!
Riv Athletics on the Riverfront
  1. Alapocas State Park- One word: HILLS. Use this park if you want to gain some serious elevation, as it is pretty hilly in some spots! Recommended for a nice walk, run, or bike (if you want a challenge!) I hiked here with my dog last month!

  1. Cool Springs Park– Nice and flat, this city park is perfect for walking the pup or doing a few quick sets on the stairs that lead up to the reservoir (plus the view is GORG).

  1. Jack A. Markell Trail– You saw us bike the J.A.M. a few months ago, but we have seen everything from skateboards to motorized bikes, to people lugging kettlebells and weighted vests out onto the paved trail.

  1. HiLo Fitness- Delaware’s ONLY Versaclimber and Lagre Megaformer fitness studio. These unique pieces of equipment give an INSANE total body cardio workout like you’ve never seen before! Also peruse the cute “shop” they have up front for workout/casual wear and jewelry by local artists.

  1. Pure Yoga/Pilates– Pure Yoga prides itself on the non-intimidating approach towards learning, which is a must for any beginner or someone perfecting their skills. Their belief that yoga has the ability to foster a sense of community and enrich people’s everyday lives makes them a perfect fit for Trolley/West Side’s tight knit community.

Kickboxing classes at Goju-Robics
  1. Goju-Robics- With virtual and in-person classes, this martial arts studio has classes for youth and adults! Located conveniently on the Riverfront, try out kickboxing or one of their personal training classes. 

  1. Downtown YMCA- The YMCA is going strong and is still offering fitness classes sponsored by Les Mills training and open lap swim hours.  With 2 indoor basketball courts, a walking track, squash and racquetball, it’ll be easy to maintain your workouts in the colder months.

How do you like to break a sweat? Have you chosen to workout at home or get back to the gym? Comment below! As always, follow my journey through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube! We will see you at the next location!

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