Candyland Noir by Blondie Mansion Hosted by MKT Place Gallery

Sara A. Crawford, Creative Director of Anara Original and Curator of Blondie Mansion, is working on a unique Holiday art exhibition experience. 

Anara Original was established in 2004. Sara was inspired to create the brand as an artistic extension of herself. Her more recent venture, Blondie Mansion, is an adventure of themed rooms with art, color, and entertainment. 

Blondie Mansion is intended to be an immersive experience. Events feature sweet treats, live entertainment, incredible décor, and a chic bar called Blondie’s Blending Lab. Be inspired by the atmosphere and expect a few surprises!

Candyland Noir is this year’s newest edition to Blondie Mansion. Bold, bright, colors inspired by fantasy and science fiction from local artists Shonte’ Young Williams highlight the experience along with a venture into storytelling with Acrylic paint. 

Sara A. Crawford explains “I love that I have the opportunity to curate an event to boost the arts scene in our community and also include the talent of other local creatives as well”

At a young age, Shonte’ Young Williams developed a love for the arts Her father taught her to color inside the lines, and her mother taught her how to draw. She has worked on projects since she was in high school. She has painted small murals and created designs on t-shirts, hoodies, and sneakers.

The inspired work of talented artist Shonte’ Young Williams evokes feelings of excitement and joy. Sponsors include The Pop Factor, BPG Cares, and MKT Place Gallery.

The exhibit will be shown December 9th from 5-9 pm and is available December 9th – January 27th, 2023. Find more information here.

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