Calling all Inventors, Innovators, Scientists, Researchers, Entrepreneurs & Tech Gurus

Date: November 16, 2016

Time: 10 am to 3 pm Eastern

Location: Theatre N @ The Nemours Building. 1007 N. Orange Street Wilmington, DE 19801

The Mason-Harriman Group’s i-Lab Delaware, in partnership with City of Wilmington, will host the 2016 Innovation Summit at Theatre N in the Nemours Building in Wilmington, Delaware. The partners have invited the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) to participate.

The event will bring the talent of the Brandywine area together to discuss technology challenges and needs of first responders as presented by DHS S&T. The event is specifically inviting inventors, innovators, scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs and technology specialists to participate in an open call for solutions for S&T’s needs that will each be reviewed by DHS S&T. Funding opportunities from DHS S&T will also be discussed.

This inaugural event will launch the first DHS S&T First Responders Group Partnership Intermediary Agreement as a platform to bring local talent together to explore DHS S&T needs and demystify the process of submitting proposals and receiving funding from the federal government. With support from the:

  • City of Wilmington
  • State of Delaware
  • Delaware University System
  • Various outplacement organizations
  • Local innovation centers, such as The Mill

Innovators have a network of professionals that will help streamline the process of developing innovative solutions to satisfy the growing needs of those who protect and serve this nation.

DHS S&T monitors those threats and capitalizes on technological advancements at a rapid pace, developing solutions and bridging capability gaps at a pace that mirrors the speed of life. DHS S&T’s mission is to deliver effective and innovative insights, methods and solutions for the critical needs of the Homeland Security Enterprise.

For more detailed information regarding the i-Lab Delaware Innovation Summit and event stakeholders, please contact and visit the following related websites: The Mason-Harriman Group (, City of Wilmington Mayor’s Office of Economic Development (, and DHS S&T (

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