New Restaurants Coming to Wilmington In 2020

2020 is slated to bring several new restaurants to Wilmington that will be opening up throughout the year for us to look forward to.

Take advantage of the new year by trying new food at some of these incoming places:

New Restaurant in Hotel du Pont

The iconic Green Room inside Wilmington’s Hotel du Pont will be converting into a French brasserie. The redesign for the new diner is beginning on Jan. 2nd and expected to take a few months to complete. It will be run by the owner of Philadelphia restaurant’s Stock and Res Ipsa Cafe, Tyler Akin. 

Goober’s Diner

We’ve covered the anticipated Goober’s Diner previously, which is currently being assembled in Atlanta and will be shipped in parts to be constructed in the vacant lot off North Lincoln Street. The opening is expected to come in April. 

Taco Grande Mexican Grill & Tequila Bar

Overseen by the Big Fish Restaurant Group, this place plans to be a mexican-style restaurant for the Wilmington riverfront. Expect this to open toward the end of 2020, as construction plans to be a 6-8 month time period. 

Rosenfeld’s Jewish Deli

Rosenfeld’s Jewish Deli currently has locations in Rehoboth Beach and Ocean City, and plans to expand by opening a new restaurant in Wilmington. It is currently expected to open in about 10 months. 

Article originally posted on Delaware Online

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