New Automobile-Themed Diner Coming to Wilmington

Tom Hannum, one of the owners of Centerville’s Buckley’s Tavern, will be bringing a new diner off of Wilmington’s Pennsylvania Ave. The diner will be built by a manufacturer in Atlanta, then constructed in the now vacant lot behind the Dunkin’ Donuts off North Lincoln Street.

The diner will be opened daily for breakfast and lunch, as well as open 5 days a week for dinner. Hannum said there will be about 40 seats on each floor. The diner will have a counter with about a dozen bar stools as well as a walk-up window on Lincoln Street for coffee and to-go breakfast sandwiches.

The diner will named Goober’s Diner, and will be located right next to Goober’s Garage. Hannum is planning to put a neon sign on top of the building with the words, “Eat at Goober’s.”

The diner will serve dishes from Buckley’s menu including macaroni and cheese and burgers. Hannum said breakfast will be offered all day, featuring locally made sausage from Kirby & Holloway, along with classic diner dishes such as meatloaf, fried chicken and chicken croquettes.

Buckley’s Tavern pastry chef Kim Tavoni will be making all the diner’s pies, cakes and pastries.  

Hannum said it will be decorated with car memorabilia including old gas pumps from the 1940s.


Article originally posted on Delaware Online.

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