King of Flavortown Stops in Wilmington

For Food Network fans who love the classic show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, you’ve probably notice that in the show’s 12 years on the air, not once was Delaware mentioned in an episode.

Finally, some local restaurants are getting their chance to shine on the show.

On February 26th, 2019, Guy Fieri, the host of the popular show was spotted at a few local eateries with a film crew. His iconic, red 1968 Camaro SS was parked in front of Luigi Vitrone’s Pastabilities and Mrs. Robino’s. Both restaurants are in Little Italy. Later in the day, he was found at Locale BBQ Post.

However, that was not the last time we saw him. On February 27th, Guy was spotted again in Wilmington. This morning he started out at Farmer & The Cow. His car was later spotted at Stoney’s Pub.

The Pastabilities Are Endless

Guy’s first stop was at Brooklyn native Luigi Vitrone’s shop Pastabilities. They opened over 30 years ago as a small take-out joint. Since gaining popularity, they have expanded to a full restaurant at 415 N. Lincoln Street.

80 Year Strong Tradition

Mrs. Robino’s has been a staple of Wilmington for nearly 80 years. They opened in 1940 and focused on traditional Italian style cuisine. The restaurant has won a few Best of Delaware, Reader’s Choice Awards, and has been Zagat Rated.

Pickles to Pork

Locale BBQ Post is found on the edge of Little Italy in Wilmington. What began as a side hustle to make great pickles grew to be the best BBQ in town. While they try not to reinvent the wheel, they bring their own spin on items. The restaurant focuses on getting local, fresh grown produce when possible.

Burgers and Shakes

While only opening in 2018, it appears this restaurant caught Guy’s eye. Farmer & The Cow is best known for burgers and incredible shakes.

Pub Style Grub

When Mike Stone moved to Wilmington, he wanted true British cuisine. Using his mother’s recipes he founded Stoney’s Pub– a proper British style pub found on Concord Pike. While they are always serving up bangers and mash, scotch eggs, along with the occasional haggis, he offers to make other British food upon request.

It is exciting to see local restaurants get the attention they deserve in Wilmington. Regardless, we must ask the question: Where will Guy Fieri eat next #inWilm?


Summarised from the articles Food Network star Guy Fieri spotted Monday at two Wilmington restaurants and ‘Diners, Drive-ins and Dives’ star Guy Fieri seen at Stoney’s Pub on 202 on Delaware Online.

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