Hungry? Riverfront Market Has it All

It’s easy to win it all things life when you and your office mates walk to Riverfront Market for lunch. Located just off of Martin Luther King Boulevard and Orange Street, Riverfront Market is convenient to downtown Wilmington businesses. (If you haven’t been yet – skim this post and take your hungry self down the road to this premier lunch spot.) Hailing from a historic warehouse along the Christiana River, the beautifully restored – and clean – European-style food hall boasts eight restaurants, a mezzanine, and a center produce stand for fresh fruits and vegetables.


It’s clear once you walk into the renovated warehouse that the Riverfront Market vendors are as loved as their food. This public market is as much about the fantastic people who serve the food as it is about the food itself. Each vendor takes pride in serving freshly prepared ingredients in stellar combinations, and if you take the time to get to know them a little, you’ll find something even more nourishing: their hospitality and heart shape the success of this gastronomic gem.


It’s a perfect lunch spot for a group

Take your next weekly meeting off-site and grab a fresh cup of joe from Jonas at Eeffoc’s Coffee Cafe. Afterward, everyone can divide and conquer their lunch cravings at the many different mom-and-pop vendors. From pizza to salads, burgers to sushi, it has enough variety to satisfy The Cross-Fit Lady in sales and the Intermittent Fasting Guy in marketing. Break that fast, Brian! Let Mirta and Carla dish up a freshly prepared salad bowl and help you show your metabolism how it’s done.

Mirta and Carla making lunch-time salads.


Fresh Food takes front and center

Early in the day, the sounds of chopping on the grill and the faint but lively conversations of tables nearby give it a welcoming, comfortable feel. By lunchtime, it fills up with people from all over the city seeking a freshly prepared lunch. Workers begin filing in before noon to place their orders at the vendors surrounding the first floor of the building. In the center of the market is a fresh produce stand. This is where I found, Jake, an actor from the Delaware Theatre Company next door. He said he loves going to Riverfront Market for lunch and was presumably surveying fresh ingredients for that evening’s dinner and not the chocolate covered almonds. His loyal patronage is due, in part, to the high-quality ingredients, convenient location, and delicious combinations.


Jake from the Delaware Theater Company.


Hospitality Shines

To top it all off, it’s clean, and not just “eh, it’s pretty clean”, it’s amazingly: “Babe, we have company coming over” clean. We can attribute the beautiful stewarding of this important landmark and popular gathering spot to the extraordinary, Cecilia. Cecilia’s reputation precedes her. Known for her bright smile and caring personality, she is a delight to talk with and can be found ensuring the market is as comfortable and presentable as possible. The market has been open nearly 20 years, but it’s hard to imagine because everything is so clean it looks like it was just unveiled yesterday.


Cecilia from the Riverfront Market.

Go back again and again

If you’re the kind of person who likes to try something new or if you love the comfort of the same dish every time, it’s an easy spot to fold into your lunch-time routine. The next time I drop in, I’ll be sipping a coffee served up from Jonas at Eeffoc’s Coffee Cafe and eating a pint (don’t judge) of fresh cut mango. Food inspires community and at Riverfront Market, be sure to take part in all it has to offer.

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