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Updated August 3, 2021
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Wilmington is home to various types of social infrastructure! What’s that you ask? Social infrastructure supports the quality of life of a nation, city, or neighborhood to make a location more appealing to live. As if Wilmington was not good enough already, here is a list of places that make this city even better!


1. Christiana Care – Christiana Care serves its community by caring for their patients. It is one of the most advanced healthcare technologies available to help you meet your needs and live a healthy life. Be sure to check out their Instagram.

2. St Francis – St Francis is aiding the health of their community members with their healing programs. Some include home health and LIFE programs, physician practices, aligned joint ventures, sub-corporations, programs and services. Take a look at their Instagram.

Wilmington Train Station


1. Wilmington Train Station – The Wilmington Train Station helps community members meet their travel needs. Whether you are coming or going, this station offers both Amtrak and SEPTA rail services that make traveling easier.

Public Space

1. Brandywine Park – Running along the sides of the Brandywine River, Brandywine Park encourages community members to step outside and enjoy the fresh air. Whether it’s a picnic by the river or a walk around the gardens and park monuments, nature is always a breath of fresh air. 

2. Alapocas Run State Park – The beautiful Blue Rock cliffs, natural resources like mature woodlands and rich industrial and cultural history live at Alapocas Run State Park. Community members are welcome to explore the park and all it has to offer. Follow them on Instagram.

3. Rockford Park – Rockford Park is home to the 100-year-old Rockford Tower. With a great view of the city, members of the community can learn about the history of the park and let loose with their family, friends and furry friends. 

Arts and Culture

1. Wilmington Public Library – Libraries are a place where community members have access to hundreds of books for education and/or pure enjoyment. The earliest Wilmington Library was first founded in 1754. Check out their Instagram

2. The Queen – One of the most historic buildings and theatres in Wilmington, there is always a show playing at The Queen to go and enjoy. Click here to see the upcoming shows on their Instagram.

Hotel Du Pont

3. The Grand – The Grand Opera House has been entertaining people in the city of Wilmington for over 140 years. The arts are a great opportunity for community members to enjoy a night of entertainment. Check out their Instagram to see what’s coming. 

4. Hotel Du Pont  – The opening day of the historic Hotel Du Pont was on January 15, 1913. During its first week in business the hotel received an estimated number of 40,000 visitors. Community members are surrounded by its rich history and culture within the city of Wilmington. Take a look at their Instagram

Sports Arenas

1. Chase Fieldhouse – The Chase Fieldhouse helps build communities, promote overall wellness and encourages sportsmanship through our world-class sports facilities. All community members are welcome to embrace the facilities. Follow them on Instagram.

2. Daniel S Frawley Stadium – Daniel S. Frawley Stadium hosts hundreds of events each year that community members can attend. They are also home to our city’s Wilmington Blue Rocks baseball team. Enjoy a night of sports and entertainment with your family and friends.

Community Organizations

1. The WRK Group – The WRK Group is accomplishing their mission of holistic revitalization by creating pathways out of poverty for the lowest-income residents and building a strong, economically diverse community. They are serving the community and its members within the city of Wilmington.

2. Reed’s Refuge – Reed’s Refuge Center is a community-focused non-profit organization committed to the development and well-being of the children and financially affected families. Working to improve the wellbeing of the city and its community members is their top priority. Follow them on Instagram

3. Christina Cultural Arts Center – The Christina Cultural Arts Center is home to gallery exhibitions and live performances for all community members to enjoy. Their mission is to change the trajectory of a child’s life by making these events accessible to all. Be sure to take a look at their Instagram.

4. YMCA – The YMCA is a leading non-profit organization committed to strengthening community through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. Check them out on Instagram.

All of these places have their part in making Wilmington the great city that it is! Which of the places we listed is your favorite? Let us know (and follow us!) on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok! Click here to see our other blogs. 


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