Live Like a LOCAL!: A Locals Guide to a Weekend in Wilmington

Updated August 13, 2021
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If you’ve lived in the city long enough, you know the go to “touristy” spots. So that’s why we asked our locals for their favorite ways to spend a weekend. Here’s where you’ll find the spots that are off the beaten path and be able to meet the people that give our city it’s heartbeat, whether you’re a local or not!

For Breakfast/Brunch:

1. Columbus Inn – With an outstanding reputation for over 60 years, you can count on the Columbus Inn to give you the best dining experience! They have a delicious brunch menu, so check it out and their Instagram too.

2. Ciro Forty Acres – Ciro Forty Acres is new to the neighborhood but already a favorite spot for locals! It offers a mouthwatering breakfast and brunch that you definitely need to try for yourself if you haven’t already! Head over to their Instagram to take a look at their food options.

Photo from: Ciro Forty Acres

3. Angelo’s Luncheonette – You can count on Angelo’s for being a great breakfast option! This 1950’s style diner has many breakfast options that will hit the spot, from omelettes to waffles and more!

4. Kozy Korner – Check out this 100 year old diner for your breakfast/brunch! Kozy Korner never disappoints and is a personal staff favorite!)! See all the delicious food options they have to offer on their Instagram!

5. Libby’s – Libby’s is a “Mom and Pop” shop serving home style breakfast, and the perfect breakfast spot to go to during the weekend! It’s located on W 8th Street so be sure to check it out!

For Lunch:

1. Kid Shelleen’s – Their open grill, oval bar, and outdoor patio makes Kid Shelleen’s a perfect place to get lunch! They have a large diverse menu so be sure to check it out! Follow them on Instagram!

2. Opa Opa – In the mood for authentic Greek food? Then head over to Opa Opa! It’s perfect for a quick lunch with many different food options to choose from! Check them out on Instagram!

3. Mikimotos – Mikimotos is the place to go to get your Asian grill and sushi fix! They have some of the freshest sushi in town, and perfect bento box lunch specials. Follow them on Instagram to see their delicious food! 

For a Casual Dinner:

1. Pizzeria Metro – When it’s time for dinner head over to Pizzeria Metro! Their traditional New York style pizza and Italian cuisines and hand-crafted, wood-fired pizza is absolutely delicious! Check out their Instagram.

2. Farmer and the Cow – A burger is always a good idea, especially when it’s from Farmer and the Cow! They serve the finest cuts of meat and have delicious handcrafted cocktails to go with it! Plus you can walk across the street and catch a show at The Queen! Follow them on Instagram

3. Trolley Square Oyster House – Trolley Square Oyster House is a classic spot for dinner here in Wilmington! Their fresh seafood, classic raw bar, West Coast oysters and live entertainment is a great way to spend the night! Head over to their Instagram.

4. Banks Seafood & Steak – Seafood on the Riverfront sounds like the perfect spot for dinner! Bank’s Seafood & Steak offers fresh raw bar, award-winning crab cakes, outstanding lobsters and more! Plus many locals love crowding around the bar! Check them out on Instagram

For a Low Key Night or Watching the Game:

1. Rocco Italian Grille and Sports Bar – Head over to Rocco (yes it’s Rocco, not “Rocco’s” IYKYK) for authentic Italian cuisine while watching the best sports events! Recently renovated, they have a great spot for watching the game! Follow them on Instagram.

2. Rockford Tavern – Rockford Tavern is a great place to enjoy a night and relax while still being in Wilmington! They have many TV’S, live entertainment, an outdoor patio, and of course craft beers and spirits.

3. Comegy’s – Comegy’s is one of the best places to go to during the weekend with your friends if your vibe is dive. Famous local Aunt Mary Pat is known to hang here as well, and the bartender knows EVERYONE. Check out their Instagram too!

4. Dead Presidents – Known as one of the best bars in town to the locals and hospitality industry, be sure to check out Dead Presidents! Head over to watch the game, hang out with friends and have some drinks! Follow them on Instagram.

5. Catherine Rooney’s – Open until 1 am every night Catherine Rooney’s is an Irish Pub you need to stop at in the heart of Trolley Square. They’re also THE PLACE to hang with locals and bond over soccer…Rooney’s has even been known to open early to stream Liverpool games! Follow them on Instagram.

Photo from: Tonic Seafood and Steak

For a Night Out or Live Music:

1. Crimson Moon – Crimson Moon is an all inclusive hangout with a video bar, a dance club, and a private deck. They have so many awesome events like drag shows and karaoke nights, so you need to check them out if you want to have a fun night! Check out their Instagram.

2. Tonic Seafood & Steak – Tonic is a great place to go after a long day! Enjoy their happy hour, food and drinks, as well as live music! Find out what’s going on through their Instagram

3. Docklands Riverfront – Docklands is another solid spot where locals hang for live music right on the Riverfront! They offer happy hour specials all week and they are the place to check out if you are looking for a fun night out! Check out their Instagram to see who’s playing!

4. Logan House – The oldest Irish bar in Delaware and the oldest continuous family-owned Irish bar in the country needs to be on your locals list! Logan House offers a laid back atmosphere and open patio, a well as live entertainment! Head over to their Instagram page.

5. Maker’s Alley– Not only named Delaware Today Magazine’s “Hippest City Hangout of 2020”, they were also named Delaware Today Magazine’s “Best After Work Drinks of 2021”! So Maker’s Alley is THE place that you should check out for your night out! They even have Industry Night for our city’s hospitality workers on Mondays AND live music! Check out their Instagram!

6. The Nomad Bar (currently closed)- We can’t say it enough…WE LOVE NOMAD! We cannot wait until this cozy jazz bar opens back up, and it’s elusive to find off of N. Orange Street with no website, no social, making it all the more mysterious! According to Srikanth B. “It’s the best hidden gem of a place with live jazz, hands down. The place is cozy and has an exhaustive collection of bourbon drinks. The bartender is the friendliest person I have ever met!”

Where is your favorite place to go during the weekend as a local? Let us know (and follow us!) on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok! Click here to see our other blogs. 


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