Devised from an online survey back in October 2018 that asked the community to help shape the future of Wilmington, Delaware from home the City of Wilmington, Delaware just unveiled the citizen-driven comprehensive plan, called Wilmington 2028. Based on community recommendations and feedback from over 2,500 citizens since August of 2017, the Mayor and his team have produced a 10-year roadmap of government and community aspirations.


Five Goals

According to the plan, there are five overarching goals.


  1. Strong and safe neighborhoods focusing on the physical environment including housing, community character, safety, and open space and recreation;
  2. Healthy and thriving communities focusing on the city’s people, community building, health, and services;
  3. Robust local economy focusing on cultivating a resilient and diverse economy;
  4. Connected city and region focusing on balanced transportation and mobility across all modes of travel;
  5. Sustainable and resilient city focusing on city infrastructure and services, resource conservation and climate readiness.


“This plan will guide future development, and shape where and how public and private investment dollars can be spent to make Wilmington a stronger and more prosperous City over the next decade. I express my appreciation and thanks to all of the citizens who contributed to this plan and to the planning professionals inside and outside of City government who helped get us to this point.” stated Mayor Mike Purzycki in a news conference.


The creation of this plan helped the City streamline 13 existing comprehensive plans into a single, easy to read document that will better support continued city-wide revitalization. “This new format will help us take ownership of where we want to see our City in the future and to develop the tools to help us get there,” said Planning and Development Director Herb Inden.


The completed 2028 Comprehensive Plan must now be approved by the City Planning Commission, by Wilmington City Council and, finally, by the State of Delaware.


Summarized from the article, “Wilmington 2028: A Comprehensive 10-Year Plan for the City’s Growth, Development and Priorities Has Been Completedfound on the City of Wilmington’s website.


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