Delaware Art Museum Presents Two New Exhibitions

The Delaware Art Museum will be presenting two exhibitions this month focusing on beauty, gender and identity. The museum’s efforts are made to increase representation of women artists and artists of color.

Posing Beauty in African American Culture, runs October 19 through January 26, and Angela Fraleigh: Sound the Deep Waters, is already open and runs through April 12 next year.

Delaware Art Museum curator of contemporary art Margaret Winslow describes the importance of these events:

“It’s exhibitions such as the ones that we are hosting, that allow for a deeper conversation around traditional standards and around expectations – especially around these specific subjects.”

Winslow describes the exhibitions as “provocative.”

Winslow says exhibits like these are extremely important, especially during the #MeTooMovement, “Exhibitions such as these – the voices that are explored are presented in the galleries and allows visitors to look deeply at their own culture and at their own society. We can also see notions like beauty and gender identity; these are ever-changing.”

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