10,000 Ladybugs Released In Celebration of Wilmington’s First Indoor Farm

10,000 ladybugs were released in celebration of the opening of Wilmington’s first indoor farm. Ladybugs are not only effective at keeping a farm healthy, they are also the official bug of Delaware making them the perfect celebration at the debut of Second Chances Farm in Wilmington.

According to the Second Chances Farm founder Ajit George, the farm will be able to grow anything from “lettuce to basil to tomatoes, whatever restaurants and grocery stores need we will be able to grow locally.”

Second Chances Farm is an organization with the mission to create hydroponic, indoor farms in economically distressed communities. Their vision is to contribute toward the reduction of our carbon footprint, as well as helping to turn entrepreneurs in residence into ‘Agri-preneurs.’

Described as a “for-profit answer to a non-profit problem,” the company seeks to create jobs in distressed communities that provide alternatives to the revolving criminal justice system, as well as protect our environment by growing food locally.

Check out their website for more information on the company and their amazing indoor farms!

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