Wilmington Startups Make Technical.ly’s realLIST.

Local businesses are one of the biggest suppliers for a lot of our news. With DE being a company and business-friendly state, we are home to a lot of startups. Companies that take root in the area focus on a bunch of different fields, however, tech-based startups are growing. With the rising popularity of them and the need for tech-focused companies, we all have one question: Which are the most promising that have started recently?

realList: An Overview

2 years ago, Technical.ly decided to figure that out with the realLIST. According to their CEO Chris Wink, this is what qualifies you to be on this list:

For companies, the idea must be clear and, more importantly, the team must be serious. By nature of the fledgling status of a startup, there’s limited track record, just a mix of what our reporters hear from those in the know and what we see ourselves. And so that’s what we often debate: What do you think of that company, are they real?

What else makes a company a competitor for this list? A few things:

  • Founded no earlier than 2016, following an early startup definition of ours.
  • Most of its revenue comes from an innovative product.
  • Has shown some track record of success.
  • It remains independent, meaning not having been acquired, merged or gone public.
  • It is headquartered and primarily staffed in Delaware.

You are probably asking, ‘Who is on this list from Wilmington?’. The answer: A couple of awesome local companies.


Using a social venture business model, WilmInvest fixes up vacant properties in Wilmington to provide housing for individuals in the community suffering from mental illness, addiction and chronic veteran homelessness. Last year they co-won first place in the Hen Hatch competition hosted at University of Delaware.

NerdiT NOW

In 2016 this company won 2nd place in the Hen Hatch competition. With a goal of mobile consumer tech support, last year they really delivered around the state. They moved to Wilmington and started a nonprofit to provide laptops to needy families.


Housed in 1313 Innovation, this start up focuses on creating new items from old jeans. Using Upwork they contract seamstresses from around the country to create the garments then collaborate with designers to creating unique and stunning ideas.

It is exciting to see diverse companies not only choosing Delaware but are calling Wilmington home. With such potential we know these companies will only grow from here.

Summarized from the article Delaware: These are your 2019 realLIST startupsfound on Technical.ly.

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