Port of Wilmington Sends First Ford Vehicle Shipment To Sea

Did you know the Port of Wilmington was a major exporter of vehicles? Destined for the Middle East, new Ford vehicles were loaded on a RoRo (Roll On, Roll Off) ship. This is the first of many shipments since the start of a five year contract with AutoPort, Inc who specializes in auto exports.

“We are particularly thrilled to welcome Ford and its portfolio of outstanding vehicles to the Port of Wilmington in support of its direct distribution to global markets,” said Eric Casey, CEO of GT USA Wilmington.

Automotive parts is only one of the major exports that leave the port. You can find cargo containers of grains, apparel, wood products, fertilizers, chemicals, and furniture being shipped frequently. According to their website, Port of Wilmington is located within 70% of the US industrial base. It is one of the few Southern ports with readily available berths (a ship’s allotted place) at a wharf or dock and storage areas for containers and cargo.

Interested in shipping from the Port of Wilmington? Find out more on their website by clicking here.

Summarized from the articleThe Port of Wilmington, Delaware celebrates first export shipment of finished Ford vehicles from Ajot.

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