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What many people do not know about Wilmington is the amount of opportunity available in the city. However, while job opportunity is aplenty in Wilmington, job skills and job hunters are not as available.


Lucky for Wilmington, the city has some of the best workforce development and job training programs available for young adults throughout the city. Read more about the opportunities that are available #inWilm for those looking to expand their skills. 


IT Works

Interested in a career focusing on computers and wifi networks? Look no further. This 16-week program provides the most up to date training for those interested in computer-based careers. The first 11 weeks are spent in the classroom learning about PC hardware, troubleshooting, IT networking, security, and much more to prepare for the CompTIA A+ certification. Students then gain real-life, hands-on experience during a five-week internship at a local corporation or nonprofit. The program is offered twice a year – Spring and Fall. This program is FREE for students,


Interested? These are the qualifications:


  • 18-26 years old,
  • A high school graduate (or equivalent),
  • Without a Bachelor’s degree,
  • Interested in technology,
  • Able to commit to classes from 9 am to 3 pm, Monday through Friday for 16 weeks.


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This program is for low-income individuals and has quite the impact. The program combines professional coaching, hands-on skill development, and internships at some of America’s top companies all while working toward completing a degree at Wilmington University. Year Up Wilmington provides young adults ages 18 to 24 with professional development and work experience, preparing graduates to launch a meaningful career. This program provides a weekly stipend for students in the program. If that is not impressive enough, according to the Pathways for Advancing Careers and Education, participants’ average quarterly earnings rose by 53% within the first year of completing the program and almost 40% in the second year.


Still unsure? Read about Ashley Carr’s first-hand experience in the Maimi, Florida YearUp program on The Penny Hoarder.


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A few years ago ZipCode was being pitched locally at the Pete DuPont Freedom Foundation’s Reinventing Delaware competition. After beating out 99 other ideas to transform the lives of Delawareans, ZipCode was started. The program is 12 weeks long and provides an in-depth course about Java. 


Since its inception, students have successfully found gainful employment in a software-based role. Three months after graduation, 88% of students were employed. By six months, it skyrocketed to 93%. Most students went from making $33k a year to $70k a year. This affordable program is looking for more students. Click here to sign up today.


Generation USA 

Wilmington is huge in the fintech (or Financial Technology) field. Between Capital One, WSFS, M&T Bank, and Bank of America it’s no wonder a majority of open jobs are banking related. While it is great to have so many opportunities in one city, many might question: how do you get the skills needed for these jobs? That is where Generation comes in. 


Generation is a not-for-profit international organization focused on teaching underemployed and unemployed individuals ages 18 to 35 technical and soft skills to fulfill local jobs. Thanks to a partnership between the Wilmington Leaders Alliance, an organization comprised of the top companies in Wilmington that focuses on helping advance opportunities and economic development for Wilmington citizens, and Generation, the Universal Banker Program was created. Already four cohorts in it have found an 85% success rate.


According to a recent press release on local partner Wilmington Leaders Alliance, both organizations partnered again, along with Associated Builders and Contractors of Delaware to create the Pre-Apprentice Construction Program for those in Wilmington. Both programs pay you to go to class for five weeks, assist you in finding a job, and provide support after the program has ended. Ready for the next step in your career? Apply here.

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