Wilmington’s 18th Annual Wilmington Awards and Access Wilmington Awards Recognize Outstanding Community Service

Six residents have been honored with the 2022 Wilmington Awards and two local organizations are honored with an Access Wilmington Award during a public ceremony.

The Wilmington Awards are designed to recognize the outstanding achievements of citizens in the fields of the arts, athletics, business, education, environment, health, or science as well as dedication to community service, heroism, and contributions to the faith-based community. 

The Access Wilmington Awards recognizes those who are creating opportunities for people living with disabilities and their families. It is a tool for encouraging investments in accessibility. 

The 2022 nominees are as follows:

Wilmington Award for Community Service (Faith)

Breakthrough Reformation of Churches, Inc. (Apostle Andre Harris)

Breakthrough Reformation of Churches has served the community by adopting families for Thanksgiving and Christmas, teaching single parents to be dynamic parents for their children, adopting schools for education projects, and more. Led by Apostle Andre Harris and Bishop Vaughna Moore, Breakthrough Reformation of Churches is currently hosting a drive to obtain their own Wilmington location. 

Wilmington Award for Community Service

Debra Mason

Debra Mason is the Deputy Executive Director of the HOPE Commission. She also teaches an eight part series about trauma to the members of the HOPE commission. In addition, Dr.Mason teaches at Wilmington University. Her research identified the relationship between Adverse Childhood Experiences and recidivism, coining the term Trauma-Induced Recidivism. Among her numerous efforts are her work with Wilmington Department of Corrections and Parole, drug and alcohol counseling at Howard R. Young correctional institute, and Sisters-in-Success at Baylor Women’s Correctional Institute (BWCI). 

Wilmington Award for Community Service

Matthew Ford

Matt grew up in Bayard Square, caring for his disabled mother who is partially paralyzed due to a brain aneurysm. Since then, Matt has been a part of many local political campaigns and non-profits. He is an advocate for the disabled, known for his advocacy in the community and volunteer work. Last year, he was named one of Delaware Business Times’ 40 Under 40 Winners.

Wilmington Award for Community Service

Constance and Pete McCarthy

Connie and Pete McCarthy began the “McCarthy Coat Drive” and used the Ministry of Caring’s Distribution Center to get coats to people who truly needed them. They have utilized law firms, beauty salons, furniture stores, schools, and more to spread the word. From their work, over 20,000 coats have been donated and distributed in the last decade.

Wilmington Award for Community Service

Charles McDowell

Charlie is the current CEO of First Community Foundation, which supports EastSide Charter School, he is also a board member of Charter School of New Castle, and the Board Chair of REACH Riverside Development Corporation. Most recently, his research and efforts have aided in building the Imani Village, a brand new mixed-income family rental. This initiative is coordinated with Purpose Built Communities and its mission of uplifting concentrated areas of urban poverty.

Access Wilmington Award

Caring Hands Phlebotomy Services, LLC

After years of work in in-patient service centers, Caring Hands was founded to aid elderly patients in receiving lab work and help caregivers to make their duties easier. Caring Hands Phlebotomy Services comes to the patient’s home, collects the specimens, and transports them to a laboratory of their choice. These services are privately paid for by patients or facilities.

Access Wilmington Award

Creative Vision Factory

The Creative Vision Factory serves the behavioral health services community by providing studio space and creative materials to individuals with mental health concerns. This service fosters the creative potential of those on the behavioral health spectrum, allowing participants to experience strength and hope. The factory creates a space free of stigma and a social atmosphere.

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