Wilmington Police Officers Surprise 11 Year Old’s Birthday With 76ers Tickets

Jarrell Turner, a 11-year-old boy had a birthday surprise Thursday morning outside his Hilltop home by members of the city police department.

Master Cpl. Lorne Peterson and Sr. Cpl. Robert Steele, two officers and Jarrell met this past weekend when Peterson and Steele stopped to play a game of basketball in Judy Johnson Park with local kids.

Though Jarrell didn’t beat the police officers on the court, he them wowed by getting straight As, his love of playing basketball with his friends and he had a birthday coming up. His mother, Donna Wright, confirmed to the officers that what Jarrell told them was true.

Banding together, officers from the Hilltop district pulled together enough money to buy Jarrell a basketball-themed birthday cake, a new basketball and tickets to see the Philadelphia 76ers.

These moments are what makes police work fun, said Master Cpl. Lorne Peterson, especially when working with kids like Jarrell.

Read the full article at DelawareOnline.com

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