Wilmington Named Top 40 Most Arts-Vibrant Communities in the U.S.

In a report by SMU DataArts, Wilmington, Delaware has been named one of the Top 40 Most Art’s-Vibrant Communities in the U.S., ranking Number 6 in the Medium-Sized Communities.

The criteria to determine ranking was based around the following:

  • Arts Providers (45%)- The number of Independent artists, arts and culture employees, arts and cultural organizations, and arts, culture & entertainment firms.
  • Arts Dollars (45%)- Program revenue, contributed revenue, total expenses, and total compensation.
  • Government Support (10%)- State arts dollars, state arts grants, federal arts dollars , and federal arts grants.

Wilmington uses art to bring people together for shared experiences.

MSU ArtsData Report

The report mentions, “The area-wide support for arts in Wilmington leads to the area’s ranking among the top 3% in per capita state funding.” The Delaware Arts Alliance’s three major partners at the state government level (The Delaware Division of the Arts, Delaware State Arts Council, and Delaware Department of Education) focus on cultivating and supporting arts and arts education. 

Highlighted venues in the report are:

  • The Delaware Art Museum, that contains substantial exhibitions as well as the six-acre Copeland Sculpture Garden,
  • The Wilmington Art Loop, that offers free, self-guided events to the downtown community, allowing participants to experience 20 arts venues across neighborhoods via shuttle. 
  • The Wilmington Drama League, a community based organization with a focus on diversity, inclusion and youth arts education. 
  • The Delaware Theatre Company, which was the first arts and culture organization on Wilmington’s riverfront. 

Wilmington ranks 8th overall for per capita program revenue and is in the top 2% for all but one sub-measure of Arts Dollars. 

To read the full report, Click Here

Featured image from the Delaware Theatre Company’s production of “Saint Joan.” Photo by Matt Urban of NüPOINT Marketing. 

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