Wilmington Is Developing Environmentally As Well.

Original Article by Kim Hoey of Delaware Business Times.

Delawareans for Environmental and Economic Development (DEED) was formed in 2007, to ensure sustainable growth and long-term viability for the state’s workforce.

Today, DEED has about 70 members from throughout the state who represent business and labor leaders, attorneys, other development organizations, homebuilders, contractors, engineers and environmental groups.

“We believe we can be an influential group in advocating for job creation and projects that will help give Delaware a viable economic footprint that takes into consideration environmental concerns,” said Murphy, who was the commerce director for the city of Wilmington from 1989 to 1993. “DEED is important because we are the only group in the state that represents varied interests with one major goal above others … jobs.”

All of DEED’s meetings are held in the Chase Center on the Riverfront — a significant spot because it is an example of taking a brownfield, land once used for industrial purposes that may have hazardous substances or pollutants on it, and turning it into a viable economic venture. 

It’s the kind of project and success story members of the group are hoping to be part of in the coming years.

“These are all folks who deeply care about the quality of life in Delaware,” said O’Mara about the membership. “They’re genuine.”.

Featured Image: iStockPhoto/Booblgum

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