Wilmington In The Washington Post

Karen Heller of the Washington Post published “Lovely Little Delaware- long famous for corporations, chicken, and credit cards- is ready for its big moment” on January 11. 

To start, Heller interviews a couple of people on the topic of Joe Biden and if they have met him, to which Senator Chris Coons said, “If there are Delawareans who haven’t met Joe Biden, it’s because they haven’t tried.” 

Giving outsiders a look at Delaware, the article covers some of the state’s history and statistics, beginning the description by saying “Delaware is cozy. It is emphatically small.” as and then goes on to observe the previous lack of notoriety and the new excitement around the election of Joe Biden. “We tend to be proud of the little things because we don’t have big stuff, but this is pretty big.” said former state Democrat Party Chair Richard Bayard. 

The article goes on to highlight some of the quintessential Delaware staples and attractions our state enjoys: crabs, scrapple, Capriotti’s, Charcol Pit, and the ever famous Punkin Chunkin. 

Read the full article here

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