WDEL 101.7FM – Dance-A-Thon kicks off ‘Help Our Kids’ campaign for duPont Hospital

By Lauren Huet 5:43pm, August 3, 2016 – Updated 9:54pm, August 3, 2016
VIDEO: Lauren Huet reports on Dance-A-Thon.

Kids, patients, and families danced the afternoon away at the Nemours A.I. duPont Hospital for Children’s 2nd Annual Dance-A-Thon Wednesday.

“Help Our Kids Dance-A-Thon is all about kids helping kids,” said Associate Director of Fund Development Marie Hiddemen. “It’s the kick-off to our Radiothon event that Delmarva Broadcasting hosts for us in September.”

The Dance-A-Thon raised money for the upcoming Radiothon September 7 and 8, 2016. Proceeds from the Radiothon benefit the hospital.

“The money that’s raised through the community, and events such as Radiothon, really helps to allow Nemours to continue to improve and add to their services. We have so many programs and services–and we have so many kids in our community that need those services.”

The Dance-A-Thon also kicked off the hospital’s month-long Help Our Kids Campaign, where local businesses sell “hang tag” bandages.

“When you go to certain retailers in the community, they’ll ask you at the register if you’d like to donate a dollar, three dollars, five dollars,” said Hiddemen.

Those who donate can write a name on a hang tag–which looks like a bandage–and the business will hang it on the wall. Last year, the hang tags raised more than $60,000, to compliment Radiothon raising more than $300,000.

“We offer so many programs and much needed services,” said Hiddemen. “For instance, we’re going to be doing a new autism center next year. We’re hoping to roll that out and, with that kind of money, we can help to make those things happen. Things that we might not have had before, we now can do because of the community’s support.”

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WDEL 101.7FM – Dance-A-Thon kicks off ‘Help Our Kids’ campaign for duPont Hospital.

Source: WDEL 101.7FM – Dance-A-Thon kicks off ‘Help Our Kids’ campaign for duPont Hospital

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