The Wilmington Wave: 24 Startups Shaping the Future in 2024

The Wilmington Wave of startups and technology is here for 2024! View our list of 24 startups shaping the future and redefining the boundaries of technology. 

Health and Wellness Revolution

  • Amalgam RX: Revolutionizing healthcare with EHR Solutions and a modular SaMD platform, Amalgam RX ensures the best decisions in healthcare are made, supporting nearly 10 million patients worldwide.
  • CureDM: At the forefront of diabetes research, CureDM is pioneering a peptide that promises to regenerate insulin-producing islets, potentially reversing diabetes.
  • DocVilla: Streamlining medical practices with a comprehensive EHR software suite, DocVilla introduces telemedicine, eRx, and patient engagement portals into ambulatory care.
  •  Inia Biosciences: Boldly aiming to make traditional drugs obsolete with INIAcore, a wearable device for non-invasive skin inflammation treatment.

Empowering Technologies

  • BeforeSunset AI: An AI-powered productivity tool that promises efficient daily planning and time management for teams and professionals.
  • Kaiden AI: A transformative school management assistant leveraging AI to automate grading and content generation, allowing educators to focus more on teaching.
  • CleverControl: Monitoring employee activity through a powerful system that ensures productivity is maximized across the board.

Fintech Innovators

  • SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc.: Specializing in FinTech and PayTech solutions, SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc. is making strides in BFSI with its ecosystem marketplace and wallet services.
  • Pallo: The first all-in-one platform for the self-employed, integrating accounting, personal finance, and tax management seamlessly.

Creative and Social Platforms

  • Artmind AI: Merging interior design with e-commerce, Artmind AI revolutionizes how we envision and furnish our living spaces.
  • VYBZ: Meet People Nearby: Enhancing human connections through a specialized algorithm that facilitates meaningful interactions online.
  • Composy: A music generation tool for videos and games, offering unique, royalty-free, and customizable music compositions.
  • Therappy: Offering a digital sanctuary for mental wellness, Therappy is like a Headspace for mental health, making therapy accessible and affordable.

Sustainability and Lifestyle

  • EmmaSystems:  Innovating in aviation management, EmmaSystems is on a mission to make air travel more sustainable and efficient.
  • PuraVida Global: Creating an investment community for millennials and GenZ, offering a blend of real-world assets and lifestyle perks.

Disruptive Technologies

  • Markopolo ai:  Revolutionizing digital advertising with AI, Markopolo ai simplifies ad creation and management for businesses.
  • Hx Innovations, Inc. Utilizing sports science to enhance player performance and reduce injury risks through advanced analytics.
  • Ivy Panda: Uses a set of online tools and services designed to help high school and college students prevail in academic writing, boost their grades and achieve academic success.

Niche Markets and Unique Solutions

  • LOOFT Inc.: Innovating in home comfort, LOOFT is developing a device and service to optimize A/C usage and reduce environmental strain.
  • VenoVision: Offering non-invasive cardiac insights to improve the management of heart failure and at-risk patients, VenoVision is changing the game in cardiac care.
  • Piqle- Catering to the pickleball community, Piqle is a comprehensive digital platform designed to enrich the playing, learning, and organizing aspects of the sport.
  •  Sporteventus: The world’s first global search engine and ticket aggregator for sporting events, enhancing the way fans connect with sports.
  • Streamyard: Advocating for storytelling through live streaming, providing a platform for creators and marketers to share their messages.
  • Arview.TV: Transforming TV advertising by making ads interactive and allowing viewers to engage with or purchase from TV ads directly.

Wilmington, once seen as an underdog in the startup scene, is now a beacon of technological advancement, proving that in the world of innovation, every city has its day in the sun.

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