The Helpers: Mutual Aid In Delaware

At the start of Governor Carney’s state of emergency, a facebook group called “The Helpers” began, offering mutual aid to community members.  In the past month and a half of existence, the group has attracted over 2,000 members across the state. 

The facebook page is being used daily to help connect those in need with resources, sign up volunteers who are able to give/deliver resources, help with the supply of sewn masks and PPE, as well as meals for healthcare workers. Delawareans from all three counties are offering up their time, their resources, and their services to assist those who are struggling, sick, or at a higher risk during the pandemic. 

The Helpers have garnered so much attention that a webpage to facilitate volunteer sign up has been created by the United Way to help assist in their efforts. 

If you or someone you know would like to volunteer with The Helpers, you can sign up here, or if you would like to get involved in mutual aid, you can join The Helpers on facebook here

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