The Grand Opera House Receives NEA Grant for Sensory-Friendly Performances

The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) has awarded the Grand Opera House in Wilmington $15,000. The Grand is one of only two Delaware recipients in this NEA grant cycle.

This grant will specifically fund sensory-friendly performances tailored for youth and their families, highlighting The Grand’s ongoing commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. Mari Johnson, The Grand’s Community Engagement Director, emphasized the importance of these performances.

“We’re also trying to promote the fact that it’s a comfortable space and that you’re able to walk around, stand up, dance, sing along, vocalize your excitement for the program. Lighting is at a low level, but not completely dark, and sound levels are intentional in that there are not any loud or sudden noises. We have quiet spaces available.” Johnson explained.

Johnson also noted that these performances are part of a larger effort to make the arts accessible to all. This month, The Grand is hosting a popular outdoor series, “Summer in the Parks,” in collaboration with Wilmington Parks and Recreation, offering free daytime and evening performances that feature local artists.

The Grand’s recent NEA grant is part of a broader distribution of major funding across the nation. The Delaware Division of the Arts also received $940,000 to support activities aligned with its NEA-approved State strategic plan.

As one of Delaware’s key cultural institutions, The Grand Opera House continues to enhance its community engagement through these valuable programs, ensuring that the arts remain accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

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