Smallbiz Spotlight: Cherné Altovise

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Class of 2012 University of Delaware fashion merchandising major Cherné Altovise Bishop, owner of the 316 N. Market St. accessories shop Cherné Altovise, specializes in accessories for the ‘everyday fashion icon’

Located at: 316 N Market St, Wilmington DE.
Store Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-6pm

Cherné Altovise is currently looking to hire sales associates, brand ambassadors & bloggers! Apply here

Bishop’s approach to designing accessories—for women as well as men and children—is actually a form of redesigning. She artistically interprets the reuse method of “upcycling” by transforming an existing product into something better.

From Cherné Altovise Instagram account.
From Cherné Altovise Instagram account.

“You’ll bring in your grandmother’s pearls, and I’ll change them into something else entirely,” Bishop says. “Or someone may walk in and say, ‘I bought this charm in South America, can you make me something with it?’”

Customized jewelry is just one segment of Bishop’s product line—not all products are used or from recycled materials. She’ll also work on trend and bulk pieces and, additionally, present collection items that are debuted on regional runways and through private events at the shop for customers to get a first look. Items start at around $18.

Did we mention free shipping for U.S. purchases! Start shopping now at

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