Smallbiz Spotlight: Barrel of Makers

Barrel of Makers is Delaware’s FIRST and ONLY makerspace. If you’ve never heard of a makerspace, it’s a shared workspace where people of different generations and skill sets can; innovate, collaborate, and bring ideas to life.

Makerspaces serve their communities in a variety of ways. They are getting young people engaged with technology and art through hands-on experiences. They are providing a place for adults the re-invigorate their passions, in a way that makes them more innovative in their 9-5 lives. They are providing retirees with new hobbies and a chance to pass on their skills to younger generations. By gathering a diverse community, they are providing connection. To revive local economies, makerspaces provide access to tools to make prototypes of new inventions and artworks. Then members get to share and market the results of their efforts at public events.

Barrel of Makers recently expanded to two locations. The Highlands Arts Garage located at 2003 West 17th St Wilmington, DE 19806. Feature Saturday art classes for kids and teen/adult drawing and painting classes. With most Sunday’s being “open shop days.”

Screenshot from Delaware
Screenshot from Delaware

Along with their annual “First Mondays: Art, Craft and Hack!” at 1313 Innovation. Located at 1313 N Market St, Wilmington, DE 19801. Art, Craft and Hack Night allows participants to:

  • Help with a community project
  • Stop by to meet community members and check out what they are making!
  • Show off and work on your own projects, from knitting to Raspberry Pi, and anywhere in between.

See what tools Barrel of Makers offers their community members at 1313 Innovation, including:

  • 3D printer (makerbot replicator 2)
  • Lots of space/long tables for spreading out your big projects, including crafts and electronics.
  • Soldering setups
  • Heat guns

Parking: Parking is FREE and plentiful after 6PM in the city of Wilmington!

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