Record-breaking Number of Donors Raise More Than $2.3 Million for Delaware Nonprofits

In an inspiring display of community spirit and generosity, Delaware recently celebrated a landmark moment in its philanthropic journey. The Do More 24 Delaware event, held from March 7 to 8, 2024, shattered previous records by raising over $2.3 million for the state’s nonprofit sector. This extraordinary feat was made possible by the unparalleled support of more than 20,000 donors, covering every zip code across Delaware, marking the event’s highest participation rate since its inception.

Do More 24 Delaware, the brainchild of United Way of Delaware (UWDE) and Spur Impact, is not just a fundraising marathon; it’s a testament to the collective power of community giving. For 24 hours, Delawareans were encouraged to donate to nonprofit organizations that resonate with their values, leveraging a sophisticated online platform, This year, the event saw an unprecedented level of engagement, with participating nonprofits benefiting from over $350,000 in matching gifts, cash prizes, and incentives, courtesy of more than two dozen local sponsors.

The significance of this event transcends the impressive dollar amount raised. Dan Cruce, COO of United Way of Delaware, emphasized the critical role of nonprofits in strengthening community bonds, boosting the economy, and providing essential services to those in need. The overwhelming response from the public underscores the community’s deep appreciation and reliance on these organizations.

Since UWDE and Spur Impact joined forces in 2020, Do More 24 Delaware has mobilized the state to raise over $9.5 million for local nonprofits. “Today was a great reminder of the incredible impact nonprofits have on communities throughout Delaware,” said Charlie Vincent, Executive Director of Spur Impact. “Thousands of people returned the favor by giving their financial support to their favorite causes and sharing their social capital as well. We are appreciative to be able to play a small part in applying the work of these nonprofits and growing the culture of philanthropy in Delaware for the next generation of leaders and volunteers.” Not only do nonprofits receive much-needed financial support, but the event also fosters a culture of philanthropy, laying the groundwork for future generations of leaders and volunteers in Delaware.

The 2024 event drew support from a wide array of sponsors, including notable names like Barclays US Consumer Bank, Discover Bank, and the Delaware Community Foundation. This broad-based backing not only underscores the communal nature of the initiative but also illustrates the corporate and foundation sectors’ commitment to fostering a healthier, more vibrant Delaware.

The success of Do More 24 Delaware is a beacon of hope and a model for other communities nationwide. It demonstrates the profound impact that can be achieved when individuals come together to support causes close to their hearts. As we look forward to future iterations of this event, the 2024 milestone will undoubtedly serve as a catalyst for continued growth and generosity within Delaware’s philanthropic landscape.

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