Nonprofit Spotlight: I Am My Sister’s Keeper

I Am My Sister’s Keeper (MSK), is a new and upcoming organization making positive strides in Wilmington, Delaware. Sponsored by Pathways of Delaware, this organization is working with promising girls between the ages of 12-18. Introducing girls to people, places and things within Delaware and beyond to help them build character, self-esteem, love for community and sisterhood.

The mission and inspiration behind MSK came from Charlotte Miller-Lacy after she saw a lack of adequate services for young girls in the city. Her vision is for I Am My Sister’s Keeper to be a community organization focused on the empowerment of women and girls. In fact, the motto of MSK is: Behind every successful woman is a Tribe of other successful women, who have her back.

The young ladies who participate in MSK are required to complete 3 Rites of Passage, along with their tri-fold vision board, 30 hours of community service and attend 2 Saturday meetings over a span of 9 months. During the monthly meetings, participants meet with women from various careers, educational, and professional backgrounds. These women volunteer, mentor and build positive relationships with MSK girls that foster respect for your fellow man and a better understanding of community. 

MSK have upcoming events that they would love for you to attend:
Saturday, September 30th– 10am-12pm– New Enrollment Registration/Orientation
Saturday, October 7th– 10am-12pm– New Enrollment Registration/Orientation
The registration/orientations will be held at Parkway Academy North, 304 S. Harrison Street, Wilmington, DE  19805 (Map Here)
2nd Annual Teaparty/Round-Table Discussion
Saturday, October 21st– 11am-1:30pm, St. Hedwig’s Church, 408 S. Harrison Street, Wilmington, DE 19805.
The event is FREE.

The objective of the Tea/Roundtable is to share your stories and the unique Rites of Passage that helped you develop along the way; Who/What helped mold you, what drives you to be successful and how you ended up where you are today. The hope is that our sisters will see, hear or connect with an image, experience, or story that just might save their lives.

Teens, especially girls often find themselves in “betwixt and between” time, without a clear path to discover their purpose in life. I Am My Sister’s Keeper provides a movement where girls can share, explore, think critically, and develop self-confidence.

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