Nonprofit Spotlight: The Pete du Pont Freedom Foundation

The Pete du Pont Freedom Foundation’s recent appointment of Director Palina Ivanova underlines its momentum as a catalyst for new thinking and how the state can grow and compete in a dynamic, technology-focused economic landscape.

“Our main priority for the coming year is to ensure that our Foundation is successfully facilitating the implementation of the winning ideas presented at our Reinventing Delaware idea generation series. During this event we bring together thought leaders from the business and financial sector, along with heads of charitable organizations, academia and the entrepreneurial community to present and discuss new ideas that will help create jobs in Delaware. Participants then vote on the ideas presented and two winning ideas emerge onto the next phase,” says Ivanova.

Examples of past success are Zip Code Wilmington and Open Bracket. Both were ideas presented at Reinventing Delaware which generated dialogue around and sparked energy upon further developing each idea from concept to reality.

Zip Code Wilmington has grown into a 90-day coding bootcamp that puts its students on the fast track into paid apprenticeships. The outcomes have shown that ninety-three percent of its graduates get high paying jobs within three months of graduation and ninety-six percent within six months of graduation.

Open Bracket has developed into a computer coding competition that attracts talented coders from all over the world into Delaware.

Online trials for Open Bracket runs from August 4-6. The first round is an online code sprint hosted by HackerRank. The winner of the first round receives $5,000, 2nd place receives $1,000, and up to 100 of the top competitors will be chosen to receive paid travel to Delaware for the finals.

The championship tournament is being held October 20-22 at The Queen Theatre. The first round will be every coder against every coder, and will be used to seed the single-elimination brackets. The brackets (32 each, 5 rounds to determine a winner) will be completed on Saturday. The final, championship round, featuring the winners of each of the brackets, is Sunday morning. Participants will be competing for their share of $15,000.

Learn more about registering here.

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