Nonprofit Spotlight: Network Delaware

Former Wilmington mayoral candidate Eugene Young, started Network Delaware, a statewide coalition of community organizers and leaders who’s mission is to champion public policy and economic development.

There first meeting this past Monday at the Christina Cultural Arts Center on Market St. and had over 240 attendees, with their number of active participants doubling!

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Network Delaware (link to website here) is organized into six working groups, or “pillars”:

  • Base Building: Amplify existing public, private, and community efforts by connecting them within neighborhoods.
  • Economic Opportunity Incubator: Training new entrepreneurs, fostering cooperative workspaces  and workforce development.
  • Electoral Politics Committee: Support candidates for local, state and federal offices. We will identify, recruit, and coordinate training and mentorship for candidates.
  • Leadership Development Pipeline: Instilling best practices for organizational development, inclusive workspaces, justice, and hands-on training.
  • Public Policy and Research Institute: Advocate for sound public policy and progressive cross-issue solutions.
  • Nonviolent Movement Building Group: Enact effective strategic nonviolence through the state and country.
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