No, Wilmington Isn’t

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When the News Journal posted an article about Wilmington being a stressful place to live, Susan Kelliher the SVP of People and Health Services at Chemours decided to stick up for her new town. She wrote her rebuttal with personal experience and facts! Now, who can argue with that?

I was disappointed by the News Journal’s headline, “Wilmington is more stressed out than most U.S. cities; according to WalletHub.” In fact, that is not the conclusion of a study that never asked a single Wilmington resident if they feel stressed.

I came to Wilmington a little over a year ago and am happy and proud to call this city my new home. No one is immune to the many stressors of modern American life. But is that worse in Wilmington? No.

People who live in Wilmington enjoy relative affordability, abundance of employment opportunities, and constantly improving livability that all take the edge out of the demands we all face every day.

Things aren’t perfect, but we residents are invested in making Wilmington better. The facts support that we are making a lot of progress.

Since I have been here, I have seen crime statistics improve, neighborhoods revitalizing and new people from all over the world planting their flags in this city.

When I look at the facts, I don’t see “stressed out,” I see momentum and energy.

For example, in just the first five months of this year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says our city’s unemployment rate has plummeted from 4.7 percent (already low) to 3.6 percent(fantastically low). The facts show Wilmington has lots of jobs at good places to work.

And companies do more than create jobs; we invest in the future of Wilmington. At Chemours, we just announced a $400,000 scholarship program that will support our city’s kids as they attend historically black colleges and universities.

It seems to me that most of us look for the basics – a home, a good job, a future for our children and a community that looks after each other.

I invite the News Journal take another look and reconsider the negative lens through which they view their hometown. Come join me on my daily stress-free walk through Brandywine Park and see the beauty and the community here. Wilmington is one of the best places in the Mid-Atlantic to live, work and play — and not at all “stressed out.”

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