Mayor Purzycki Shares Joint Announcement from Delmarva Power, The Warehouse, and DNREC About Clean Energy Technologies Added to “Energize The Warehouse” Initiative

Three new clean energy technologies were introduced at The Warehouse as part of the “Energize The Warehouse” initiative. Mayor Purzycki, elected officials and community leaders came together to celebrate the arrival of these new technologies. “Energize The Warehouse” is a collaboration between Delmarva Power, the Delaware Department of Natural resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) and other community partners. It is aimed to help revolutionize teen engagement by serving as an educational resource to local teens in the areas of clean energy, electric transportation, and sustainable farming and agriculture. 

U.S. Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester, REACH Riverside CEO Logan Herring, and Mayor Purzycki

“It is inspiring to see so many partners come together in a unified front with the goal of supporting our youth’s educational needs and the needs of the communities where we live and work,” said Dave Velazquez, President and CEO of Pepco Holdings, which includes Delmarva Power. “Energize The Warehouse is bringing cutting-edge technologies to our community and delivering an incredible hands-on learning opportunity for our local students. I hope we can help build a foundation for their future interests in clean energy technology and help them develop into the energy leaders we need moving forward.”

The Energize The Warehouse initiative holds vocational and educational opportunities to help teens understand the energy industry and learn the necessary skills to fill future jobs within the industry throughout Delaware. The three technologies also help solve some of the challenges that have faced the community. Some of those challenges include improving access to food, transportation, and reducing energy costs. 

The three new technologies are: Agricultural (Ag) Pod, Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Bus, and Solar and Battery Storage System.

The Agricultural (Ag) Pod is a sustainable indoor vertical growing environment for produce that allows communities to grow food year-round.

The Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Bus  is an electric, zero emission bus, providing a cleaner transportation option for visitors of The WRK Group: The Warehouse, REACH Riverside and Kingswood Community Center.

The Solar and Battery Storage System provides clean solar energy to The Warehouse and allows the organization to save money on energy costs.

“This is transformational for the community,” said Logan S. Herring, Sr., CEO of The WRK Group. “We are feeding our neighbors with fresh and healthy produce from the Ag Pod. We are transporting our friends and family to The Warehouse and beyond with cleaner technology. We are creating a culture where a commitment to clean energy is normal and expected. We are so thankful to all of our partners for investing their time and energy into Riverside and making us an example in clean technology.”

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