June 1 is Delaware’s Targeted Date for Reopening The Economy

On Friday, May 8, Governor Carney announced that Delaware’s target date to begin reopening the economy is June 1. 

“Ultimately, our ability to move into Phase I at the beginning of next month will depend on our ability to contain COVID-19 hot spots in Sussex County, especially along the Route 113 corridor. Because of the ongoing threat in Sussex County, we are not in a position yet to open Delaware’s beaches or remove restrictions on short-term rentals and out-of-state travelers. We need everyone to really lean into the effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in southern Delaware.” 

In order to begin Phase 1, the state must meet the following requirements:

  • 14-day decline in the percent of positive cases
  • Ability to treat COVID-19 patients in hospitals without crisis care
  • Extensive testing programs for health care workers

During the press conference on Friday, Governor Carney announced a state-wide COVID-19 testing program, and that a comprehensive tracing program would be announced this week- both of which are key steps to meeting the requirements to move into Phase 1. 

Once Phase 1 is abe to begin, it will entail the following:

  • Vulnerable individuals shelter in place
  • Social distancing in public remains
  • Limit gatherings to 10 individuals
  • Minimize non-essential travel- personal and business
  • Teleworking Encouraged
  • Return to work in phases
  • Consider special accommodations for vulnerable populations of workforce
  • Schools and youth activities remain closed
  • No visits to senior living facilities and hospitals
  • Large venues, restaurants would have strict guidelines
  • Elective surgeries to resume
  • Gyms to follow strict physical distancing and sanitation protocols
  • Bars remain closed 

“Delawareans can’t let up. Even once we move into Phase 1 of reopening, we still need to maintain social distancing to avoid a dangerous rebound in COVID-19 cases. Wash your hands. Don’t go out in public unnecessarily. Don’t gather in large groups. If we continue to follow public health guidelines, we have a real shot of getting Delaware moving again starting June 1.”

For more information on how Delaware is handling the COVID-19 Pandemic, click here

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