Governor Carney Announces Education Funding Targeting Wilmington Schools

In a press release last Wednesday, Governor John Carney shared that significant funds will be allocated for investment into Wilmington schools into next year’s fiscal budget. The full budget proposal will be released January 30th, but Governor Carney shared some details already.

Several investments will be made such as $50 million into a new school on the east side of Wilmington to replace The Bancroft School. This would be the first new city school in a generation. Also included in the proposal will be major renovations to Stubbs Early Education Center and The Bayard School. 

“Children need to go to school every day in environments that are safe and conducive to learning. Since I was sworn in as Governor three years ago, we have built or renovated nearly 30 schools statewide. Wilmington students deserve no less,” said Governor Carney. “We’ve heard loud and clear the concerns from families and educators about conditions in these buildings, and we are taking action. We look forward to working closely with Christina, and members of the community, to plan and build a state-of-the-art school to replace Bancroft, and to renovate Bayard and Stubbs. This is a major investment in the children of our city and state.”

Previously Delaware has implemented other education commitments such as the Opportunity Funding initiative. This was a $75 million investment passed last year to provide targeted funding to low-income students and English learners.

“The Governor’s commitment to education throughout the State and especially to the children of Wilmington tells us a lot about who he is and the priorities he has set for his Administration,” said Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki. “Our children need every possible advantage in order to succeed in school and in life. We look to our Governor and General Assembly for leadership and thank them for providing it in this important arena.”

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