Family Promise’s HIDDEN Campaign is Revealing Homelessness in Delaware

There is a hidden issue that many people in Delaware don’t know about and Family Promise is working to uncover it! This campaign is unique, clever and impactful as it affects thousands of families and our entire state. Have you seen it?

Wilmington — July 17, 2018— A new campaign from Family Promise® of Northern New Castle County is revealing the hidden issue of family homelessness in Delaware. According to the latest figures, nearly 6,500 children in the First State experience homelessness each year. That’s 1 out of every 30 children in Delaware who are touched by this traumatic experience annually.

“When people think of homelessness, there’s often a certain image that comes to mind,” said Carolyn
Gordon, Executive Director of Family Promise® NNCC. “Yet in Delaware, children are just as likely to
experience homelessness as adults. Far too many families don’t have a place to call home, and just one night of homelessness affects kids for years to come.”

The HIDDEN Campaign

To help uncover this issue, Family Promise® NNCC is launching a campaign called “HIDDEN.” It features a special website,, with facts and stories about homelessness; billboards around New Castle County; and special images on Instagram that reveal hidden messages.

“It’s shocking that an average of 18 children become homeless each day in our state,” said Ryan
Catalani, Director of Donor Relations at Family Promise® NNCC. “We want to do our part to educate the public about this hidden issue — and show people how they can make a difference to ensure that every child has a home.”

How Family Promise Has Helped

When families experience homelessness, it affects not only the individual parents and children but the
entire state. Child homelessness costs Delaware an estimated $196 million annually. It’s an urgent issue, but organizations like Family Promise® NNCC have found effective solutions. Through its temporary shelter and community-based programs, Family Promise® NNCC served over 500 children and parents experiencing homelessness last year, helping over 83% successfully move into housing.

The public is invited to visit to see ways to get involved and sign up for an email newsletter about family homelessness and to share stories and statistics on social media with the hashtag #HiddenDE.

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About the HIDDEN campaign: The HIDDEN campaign is revealing the hidden issue of family homelessness in Delaware ( For information about the statistics used, visit

About Family Promise® of Northern New Castle County: Family Promise® NNCC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to ending homelessness for families in Delaware (

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